Ark The Legend


Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

The chasing Rama warriors continuously fired at Ark. Ice fragments flew up with every shot along with pillars of flames.  Ark tried some evasion but his driving skills weren’t mastered yet so it was limited.


-The engine has been hit and the output is rapidly decreasing.

If the engine is hit again, there is a risk that it will explode.

Fumes soared from the bike as the message appeared.

‘This situation is bad.’

Ark judged as he turned his handle 180 degrees. The engine of the bike was damaged so the output had fallen. It would be hard to escape from the pursuing Rama warriors. Now Ark only had one choice left.

‘Whether I live or die depends on this.’

Ark’s head switched from ‘escape mode’ to ‘battle mode.’

‘I checked through the infrared scope and they are level 41 and 42. On the other hand, I am level 43. My level is slightly higher but there are two of them. Moreover, I’m a prisoner and they are elite troops. They will have better equipment and combat skills. If they have battle suits then the odds aren’t in my favour. I need to do something that will slightly even the odds in my favour, even if it is just confusing them for a moment.’

That was the conclusion Ark reached. And a skill naturally floated in his head.


Ark was forced to hesitate. Ark still hadn’t grasped the skill properly. He couldn’t guarantee the outcome.  It was indeed a skill that he was gambling his life on. He hesitated but Ark had no more time to worry.

Tu tu tu tu! Pepepepeng!

The subsequent shooting exploded the left engine! Ark lost his balance, jumped off the bike and rolled along the ground.

‘I have no choice but to gamble now. I need to trust me senses!’

He lifted his body and raised his arms. Blue light started to gather around his hands. The light produced…….

A storm endlessly blew in the darkness. The -50 degree weather was so cold that the air seemed to be frozen. One man was walking in the extreme cold.

“Huck huck, dammit! What is with my unfortunate destiny?”

The person speaking with frozen lips was Ark.

“For it to turn out this way.”

It started 10 days ago. Ark had unintentionally fallen into the crevasse and found an abandoned pyramid. He had ended up with some unexpected gains. He had gained 12 levels, scooped up the rare Zaliman ore and received the Pharaoh’s artifact. He was then able to escape from the pyramid. And the information displayed on the GPS…..

-Distance to the galactic federation’s base: 532 km

Ark felt like he had been hit on the head with a piece of ice.

‘532 km means that it will take more than 10 days if I walk 50 km in one day.’

It was difficult to walk for 10 days in -50 degrees weather in a snow storm. That alone was enough to decrease the chances of survival.  However, the more serious problem was his food supply. Ark had gained a considerable amount of Zaliman ore in the pyramid so he discarded his food and only had 5 remaining. To recap, Ark had to march 500 kilometres on 5 pieces of food in a storm. It was a situation that would cause despair.

‘It’s impossible. There is no chance no matter what ideas I have.’

But if he gave him then he would lose 12 levels. He couldn’t give up even if he ended up dying.

‘I have to live and return!’

Ark clenched his teeth. From then on Ark’s desperate struggle for survival started….. No, it was a desperate struggle but it was actually extremely tedious. Walking, walking, walking and more walking. The only thing he did was walking. The repetition of such unexpected mechanical tasks caused an unexpected problem. Ark had been worried about walking more than 500 km in such a harsh environment. However, Ark’s body was surprisingly strong thanks to the body coating. It was possible to maintain a suitable body temperature while walking in a -50 degree storm. Rather, it was his mentality that was the problem.


He was just endlessly walking towards the horizon. His thoughts flew away to Andromeda after one full day of walking.  His absentminded state meant he walked in the wrong direction and once he even fell asleep in the freezing cold.

‘This can’t continue. I’m going to end up like a frozen mackerel. I need to think of something to maintain my consciousness. It is necessary to think of something.’

Ark started to think of various different ideas. His mother who lay in the ICU for a long time and then her miraculous recovery. Now his mother and stepfather Gwon Hwa-rang were helping children overseas. He also thought about that time when he was caught between Roco and Lariette. Although remembering those thoughts helped, there was a limit to it and his thoughts still flew to Andromeda.
It was because those thoughts were just memories. His eyelids became increasingly heavier.

‘That’s right! There was that!’

Something rose in his head. Ark had forgotten his homework from the shock of leaving the pyramid and checking the GPS. It was how to use the Rune Carving that he obtained from the gold room.

‘Why isn’t the skill activating?’

There was no doubt that he learnt a skill that required the photon life form called Shire. Despite that, the skill was cancelled every time he tried to use it.

‘Perhaps a special item is needed aside from the Shire? No, if any items were necessary then it would be written in the skill information window. Didn’t I draw the rune incorrectly or in the wrong order?’

Ark experimented with drawing the rune dozens of times. But it had no effect. He learnt a skill but couldn’t use it. It was enough to drive him crazy. Well, his thoughts didn’t fly away to Andromeda thanks to it but……Ark was immersed in figuring out the secret of the rune and had already forgotten about staying conscious. He decided to carefully read the Rune Carving information window while marching.

‘Wait? Come to think of it…..’

He finally realized something strange after one whole day had passed. It became clear once he compared the skill information window and his character information window.

-Rune Carving (User, Active)

When the photon Shire is summoned and a rune carved then a skill will be manifested.  Although the Murat civilization is now gone, the Runes once had a profound contribute on their ability to take control of the Bellin constellation.

<It is possible to carve runes in the Shire>

Mana consumption: 10 (+ Mana cost of the Rune)


A sigh flowed from his mouth. Ark stared with flustered eyes at the last part of the skill information window.

‘All the skills in the games I’ve played consume mana. So I didn’t think anything about it when mana appeared in the skill information window……’

Character Information Window
Name Ark (R-02788) Level 43
Species Human Occupation Pioneer
Crime 3,500  Adventure  100
Health  800 (+15) Mental Power  450
Strength 105 (+3) Agility 155
Stamina 155 (+3) Wisdom 15
Intelligence 85 Luck 15
* Title: Cleaning Foreman (Agility + 3)
* Body Coating: Prisoner

+ The Prisoner coating is limited to the region of Beltana.

+ Your body information will belong to the galactic federation after receiving the Prisoner coating.

+ You are unable to receive any other body coating until the Prisoner coating is removed.

‘As expected!’

But Ark had no ‘Mana’ himself. Ark’s character had ‘Mental Power’ as a substitute for mana. Not realizing this basic part was a trap! There was no energy to use the skill which was why it didn’t activate. He had unlocked the secret of Rune Carving……

“What is this?”

Ark asked with chagrin. No, didn’t that mean he couldn’t use the skill unless he obtained mana? Of course Galaxian also had a presence called mana. Mana had to exist to use the skill but……

As far as Ark understood, humans didn’t have mana.  That’s why humans showed mental power in their information window instead of mana.  Mana was a default stat for the hostile Rama and humans who received a magic type body coating. In the end, Ark couldn’t use Rune Carving unless he was a Rama or he obtained the right body coating.

“Not being able to use a 5 star rated skill……”

Ark was frustrated. Ark couldn’t be reborn as a Rama and he might not chose the magic type body coating later.

“Do I really have to give up?”

Ark suddenly had an idea.

“Wait? Mana?”

The Rama’s battle suit Hyper Drone surfaced in his mind! Once again, the Rama’s battle suit was different from the federation’s and it wasn’t a simple machine. The Rama had a bio-type battle suit that could transform thanks to an ancient magical creature called the Drone. Therefore the Hyper Drone used a separate energy source referred to as mana.

“If I’m wearing Hyper Drone……”

Ark called out the battle suit and used the skill.

“Armour armament! Come out, Shire! Rune Carving! Ikram Rune invoked!”

So far, all the runes he had drawn dissolved or disappeared. However, the situation changed due to Hyper Drone. Mana was sucked out of the mana suit and a rune was carved in the air. The ensuing effect…..

-The target for the skill doesn’t exist.

The effect of Rune Carving was still unknown. However, Ark wasn’t disappointed.

“Now I know how to use the skill. And the target not being around means that it is a combat skill. It could only be used with the battle suit but it was a 5 star rated skill. It will definitely be an amazing special technique!”

That was what Ark believed. Now he was fighting two level 40 Rama warriors so Ark placed his trust in that identified skill. The five stars gave him confidence!

“Come out, Shire!”

A shout was heard in the midst of the smoke. At the same time, the swirling smoke was split in half. A shining hand moved and carved a character in the sky.

‘A five star rated skill! My strongest skill!’

“Rune Carving! Ikram rune invoked!”

An explosive energy emerged from Ark’s body and a huge character was carved above his head. It was the finally completed Ikram rune from the Murat ancient civilization. The highest rated skill also had a visible special effect.

Ack! That guy has used a skill.

It is the first time I’ve seen that skill. The effects are unknown so be cautious!

The Rama warriors stopped shooting as they became confused. An enemy had used an unidentified skill seen for the first time.  In online games, the skill effect could mean the difference between victory or defeat. Ark believed that and had no doubts.

“Now, come out!”

Ark stretched out his arms and grinned. However…..


The Rama warriors who had opened their shields and struck a defense pose tilted their heads to one side. Ark was also baffled.  The rune sparkling above his head… just shone like a christmas tree light Nothing happened once it was activated. Ark looked at the message that appeared on his Nymphe.

-The target for the skill doesn’t exist.

“T-there is no target?”

What was it saying when the target was right in front of him?  Ark looked at the Nymphe with amazement before belatedly realizing something.

‘Wait? That reminds mind….the message never stated the subject of the skill. The only thing written was that there was no target. Then there is no guarantee that the target is the enemy.’

Ark felt like he had been hit in the back of the head. It was natural to think that the skill would be used on the enemy. But there was one thing Ark overlooked. There was no enemy in the vicinity when experimenting with the skill. There also weren’t any supporters.

‘But now there are enemies. If the target can’t be found then this rune……’

It was a skill used to buff any allies.

‘Buff! A buff? I wasted the mana of my battle suit in this situation for a buff? And it’s also a buff for allies?’

Ark started to panic as he reached that conclusion. However, now wasn’t the time for it.

What is he doing?

What is that shining thing? No way… it just for looks?

No. We still don’t know. We can’t be careless.


Isn’t it just a shape?

The Rama warriors then noticed Ark’s reaction.

Dammit, tricking us like that.

I don’t understand what it is but let’s just break it!

And they changed the magazine of their gun. The Rama couldn’t understand Ark’s words but Ark could understand the Rama. By listening to their conversation, Ark knew the two warriors wanted to turn Ark into a honeycomb.  Well, he would be able to guess it from the atmosphere even without hearing their words. It was obvious Ark was their target.

‘Now the only thing left is a frontal confrontation!’

Ark had been tempered by battle for many years. He grasped the situation and moved his body first.

‘It is two against one so it is imperative that I reduce the numbers!’

Ark’s eyes looked at the troopers armed with a RPG and a grenade launcher. In Galaxian, warriors used a sword and a gun by default. In other words, they had a melee weapon and a long range weapon. But that wasn’t the only thing commonly used.  Pistols, rifles, machine guns or something relatively light were easily available. But heavy weapons such as RPGs and grenade launchers required the relevant skills. Since a large number of professional skills are needed, the trooper was the class with the strongest firepower to counteract it.

Galaxian also had Espers who used ancient magic or psychic powers but most users were level 30~40 so they couldn’t use really powerful magic yet.  At the moment, the troopers were the ones boasting the strongest firepower. Their firepower was so strong that the military situation could change with the use of the heavy weapons. The troopers use of the heavy weapons would devastate the prisoner unit every time there was a battle. However, every strong point had a disadvantage. The long range bombing attack meant they were weaker in close combat. Furthermore, the heavy armour and artillery meant their movements were slow.

‘I need to handle one guy first!’

Ark judged that in an instant and shot towards the troopers.

-Eh? That guy…..

A trooper hurriedly lifted the grenade launcher. But Ark’s movements were faster.

“Sonic Sword!”

It was Sonic Sword that surpassed sonic speed. The sword made a shock wave that hit the bikes of the troopers. It also hit the grenade launcher and turned it, making the ammunition fly away in a different direction. If the firing was disrupted and the hit rate fell that the troopers weakness was clearly revealed.


The troopers burst out and pointed the gun towards him again. But Ark had already approached one of them. And he planned to stab the warrior’s neck.

An intimidating engine sound was heard from nearby. Ark turned around and saw a trooper’s bike rushing towards him. The Rama warriors had been 50 metres away when Ark activated Rune Carving. If the troops only used machines gun then there was no way to stop Ark in close combat. The machine gun’s hit rate wasn’t high enough to hit a moving target so he only needed to block it for a few metres. Then there was only one way left!

‘They can hit my using the movement of the bike.’

Now Ark wasn’t a beginner in Galaxian any longer. He knew about the weapons and equipment of the future so he was able to predict the enemy’s movements.Their opponent…..was Ark.

Kakang! Chwiiiii!

Ark’s sword collided with the trooper’s grenade launcher. Ark turned at the same time and the sword moved the grenade launcher’s barrel to one side. It turned towards the direction where the trooper’s motorcycle was rushing from!


Something fired from the grenade launcher.

Heok! What are you doing?

The rushing trooper screamed and turned the steering wheel but it was useless. The bike was only 2 metres away so there was no way it could avoid the fired grenade.  Flames shot up from the trooper’s bike. That was the moment Ark aimed for.

“Now! Sonic sword!”

Ark rolled on the ground and hit the bike with his sword. The bike lost its centre of balance and turned 90 degrees, rushing towards the other trooper.

Heok! N-no! I-it’s going to hit me! Avoid it!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The two bikes collided and an explosion shook the space. The explosion pushed Ark back several metres and he gasped as he raised his body.

“Pant pant pant, it is a success.”

This was what Ark had aimed for. In fact, Ark was more worried about the presence of the bikes than a 2 vs. 1 battle. The bikes had no combat capability but it had fast movement speed. However, their speed meant they couldn’t be ignored in battle. If they rode their bikes then Ark wouldn’t be able to catch up to fight in close combat. They could just avoid him and shoot from a distance.  There was also no room to fight. Sealing the bikes. That was the first checkpoint of the battle he had to pass.

“……..That is around 30%?”

Ark sighed and lifted his head. He threw his body before the bike collided but he couldn’t completely escape the explosion. Despite wearing the battle suit, Ark still lost 30% health. However he had no complaints. It was fortunate that he could seal up the motorcycle……

-Kuuuuoh, t-this guy!

Two shadows staggered from the smoke. The Rama warriors were covered in dust. Their appearances looked dismal because they were caught in the explosion.  Their agility and defense had fallen by 45% while their health had decreased by 60%. They glared at Ark through darkened faces.
Kill him! That bastard……


The trooper stumbled and stepped backwards as there was a ringing sound. Ark scratched his head after firing a shot.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I’m in a hurry. What were you saying?”

-This bastard……Armour armament!

A trooper glared and muttered. The space warped and a battle suit appeared around the trooper. It was the Rama’s battle suit that looked like an insect skin. The overall shape was similar to the Hyper Drone but the battle suit seemed heavier.

‘I thought they would have battle suits but……’

-Tails, cover me!

The trooper changed weapons to a long sword and struck downwards. Ark raised his sword and felt a tremendous pressure as he blocked it.

Totong! Kakakakak!

It felt like 100 kg of steel was brought down upon him. Ark felt his kneels buckle as he maintained his grip on the sword.

‘Ugh! This strength, it’s not normal. As expected……’

Ark breathed roughly as he looked at the trooper’s battle suit. The shoulder of the trooper was swollen like a balloon and the thick tendons continuously twitched.

‘There’s no doubt about it. That is a warrior type battle suit.’

It was like comparing a dog to a private school student. There was no need to say which one was Ark. In was unnecessary to say it again but Ark was forcibly drafted into Beltana’s prisoner unit.
On the other hand, it was useful because Ark could learn many things about the systems of Galaxian. Something he learnt was information about advanced battle suits. Ark’s Hyper Drone battle suit increased his stats by 30%. However, all battle suits increased stats. No, battle suits that raised all stats equally were rare.  Most battle suits had specialized functions depending on the character tendencies and their occupation.

Some amplified mana or mental power for magician type users while battle suits for rangers had their eyesight optimized. It was possible to determine what type of battle suit it was from the outward appearance. But unlike the federation’s mechanical battle suits, the Rama’s battle suits could change their form. The trooper had a warrior type battle suit that increased his muscle.

‘This is just a guess but I imagine it increases strength. How much did his strength increase by?’

The trooper’s shoulder muscles bulged as he brought his sword down. Ark felt like he was being pushed down by a giant compressor. It was hard to even breath. Thankfully Ark was also wearing the battle suit. But the problem wasn’t the sword.

-Tails, now!

Okay. This bastard, I’ll make you regret this!

The other trooper laughed and aimed a grenade launcher at Ark. In this situation, Ark wouldn’t be able to move at all to avoid it! If he was hit by the Rama warrior’s sword and the artillery then the battle would be over.


Ark smiled and raised his head. Ark’s finger that was gripping the sword moved quickly.

“Set Bullets Shooting!”

Cheolkeok, cheolkeok, cheolkeok! Pepepeng!

Three bullets spouted from his sword and burst into flames. Ark wasn’t using the Modified Alloy Dagger right now. It was the unique two-handed Impact Blade that he obtained from the pyramid!  The biggest feature that made it unique was that it wasn’t just a blade. It was the combination of a blade and pistol. He could still fire a projectile even while holding Impact Blade with both hands! The trooper had never seen the weapon before so he had no idea of its effect. The shot was fired right under the trooper’s nose and the trooper’s head snapped back.


<You have inflicted a serious blow and the enemy will receive additional 150% damage>

Kuak! T-this is?

Smoke appeared from around the trooper’s head and he stepped backwards.

Tung-! Tung-! Tung-! Tung-!

The trooper launched the grenade immediately after that. The bullet hit the ground but Ark already wasn’t there. Ark aimed his sword at the trooper and shouted.

“Impact Shot!”

Kakakaka! Pepepepeng!

When the blade touched the trooper’s chest and he pulled the trigger, flames appeared from the sword and bullets lodged in the chest. Impact Shot dealt additional 50% damage! The health of the trooper was instantly sucked out.

Eh? Eh? What, what the? H-how come?

The trooper burst out with confusion and rushed towards him again. The situation would be disturbing for anyone who didn’t know about the gun in the blade. However, he had no intention of explaining. Anyway, the situation was changed thanks to his blade but Ark couldn’t afford to relax.

-Hyper Drone’s Remaining Mana: 20%.

‘Only a little more left.’

Ark looked at the Nymphe’s irritated eyes with irritation. Ark had worn the battle suit from the time he sneaked into the Rama base. And while stealing the bike up to here. Quite a bit of time had been consumed.

‘But only 15 minutes had passed. The duration of the battle suit is 30 minutes. Therefore I should still have 50% mana left. However, now there’s only 20%. Then perhaps……’

Ark looked at the flashing character above his head with irritation. The rune he triggered before the battle was still flashing above Ark’s head. Mana was leaking out somewhere. It meant the rune was still sucking out mana despite having no effect.  He also couldn’t cancel it. If he converted the remaining 20% mana then it would be 6 minutes left.

‘Damn, I still don’t know what that skill is for!’

If he hadn’t done something so unnecessary then it would be possible to fight for longer. But it was too late for regret. At first he was worried about fighting against two level 40 Rama warriors but they weren’t that tough an opponent for him.

‘It’s not that they’re weak.’

Ark was completely different from his existence 10 days ago. His level was different. He gained 12 levels thanks to the pyramid. His defense also increased thanks to the Harkenion Armour dropped by the dead Rama warrior in the crevasse! His attack also increased thanks to the Impact Blade! He could also use the battle suit without any federation members around so his combat sense had changed 180 degrees.

‘6 minutes! The odds are in my favour!’

Cheolkeok! Cheolkeok! Cheolkeok! Chwarururu.

Ark loaded the ammunition into the Impact Blade and approached a trooper.

Kuak! T-this bastard!

The trooper growled and blocked with his sword. At first he struggled because he hadn’t experienced the warrior type battle suit but now he grasped the situation. Ark lowered his upper body and blocked the sword.

‘As expected!’

The focus of the battle suit was on strength and defense, not agility. It was a common build used in Galaxian. He didn’t know how much the strength and defense had decreased by but it was certain the agility would fall. Ark also thought that the trooper’s skill with a sword wasn’t that great. They were like rice compared to Ark. Ark had grown rapidly from his previous experience with a game. Of course, his previous game was different from Galaxian. However, the style of battle wasn’t that different in the future. Plus……

This rat……heok!

The trooper who was frantically swinging his sword fell to one knee with confusion. Ark had stepped back to avoid the sword and kicked. His kicks had an effect against enemies thanks to the battle suit. His kicks were aimed at the warrior’s knees and joints.

“You’re noisy. This isn’t a war with words.”

Ark looked down at the trooper’s face and smiled. Then he continued with the knee. An attack with the battle suit covered knee would be tremendous. There was a crack as the trooper’s head was forced upwards with the impact. He followed with the Impact Blade to the neck.

Snap! Pepepepeng!

He then followed with the Impact Shot!

“Now now, it’s only starting. If this stretched on too long then it’ll be difficult.”

Ark walked towards the trooper. The trooper wasn’t a match for Ark in close combat. He continued kicking the joints to make the trooper lose his centre of balance and attacked with his sword and bullets. The defense style of the battle suit wasn’t made to combat Ark’s fighting style. Virtual reality games placed precedence on combat skills more than equipment. Neutralizing the troopers in a situation like this wasn’t a problem for him.

Ugh! Ugh! Tails, what are you doing? Help me!

I-I’m trying! That jerk!

The other trooper listened to the request and raised the grenade launcher. The moment the trigger was pulled, Ark quickly moved behind the trooper.

Damn! You asked for help so why are you blocking me?

Are your eyes working? Do you think I’m willingly blocking him? That bastard keeps moving!

Then you should catch him properly so I can shoot him!

-Dammit, I can’t catch him like this…..ugh!

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The troopers kept on missing him.

-Yes, you try to catch him instead.  I……

The trooper tried to get out of the way as he kept getting hit by stray bullets.

‘Heh, long range and close combat…..I’ve have experience with such a combination before.’
It wasn’t that different from the combination of an archer and warrior.

And Ark had fought that combination thousands of times in the other game. The trooper cursed as he kept on moving. When one final grenade hit the trooper……

T-this isn’t possible!

The trooper muttered as he was turned into a bloody rice cake and collapsed.

“Now I don’t have to be concerned about the fight.”

Since he started Galaxian, he felt like something had been blocked and now that feeling was gone.
It still couldn’t be compared to the previous game but he had adapted to fighting inside Galaxian.
Anyway, Ark was satisfied with the battle and his damage. No matter how proficient his skills in close combat, it was useless if it didn’t do any damage. He also only had 30% health left by the time he killed one trooper.  His battle suit only had 7% mana left.

‘But this is enough to take care of the other trooper!’

The trooper wasn’t a worthy opponent for him in a 1 on 1 fight. They boasted the strongest firepower in a long range fight but were weak in melee combat.

‘I need to take care of him quickly!’


Ark turned around with a pleasant smile towards the surprised trooper holding the grenade launcher. And he pulled the trigger with a flustered look.


“Let’s continue playing. Shield!”

Ark ran towards the trooper and opened his shield. He ignored the grenade and ran forward to neutralize the trooper. There was a blue flash as the grenade collided with his shield and a transparent crystal surrounded Ark’s body. A message window flashed in front of Ark.

-You have been hit by the special grenade ‘Prison Crystal!’

Prison crystal is a special equipment that traps all life forms within a 2 metre area. The trapped life forms can’t escape the confinement unless the crystal is destroyed. At the same time, it can also receive damage from the outside. However, if the crystal is destroyed from the outside then the life forms inside will receive damage depending on the durability of the crystal.

<Prison Crystal (Beginner) Durability: 500>

“P-prison crystal?”

Ark felt his heart drop as he read the information window. This was the first time Ark had seen a special grenade. He only experienced the special bullets on the battlefield. However, prisoners couldn’t know the information about weapons the regular troops used.

“I’m trapped in here unless the crystal is destroyed!”

Ark currently had 150 health left.  If the crystal was destroyed then he would die. Ark had to escape the crystal before that happened. However, Ark had no skill that would give 500 damage at once. No, he did.

’18 Barrage from the battle suit!’

But 18 Barrage would use up the remaining mana from the battle suit. He also only had 7% mana left so it would be difficult to get the desired effect.  No, he wouldn’t be able to defeat the trooper even if he broke the crystal with 18 Barrage.

Ha, I finally caught you.

It wasn’t surprising that the trooper laughed as he looked at Ark. And pulled out a mini missile launcher. He leisurely took out an ammunition and loaded it.

Do you think I’m easy? Wait a moment. I’ll give you a show.

‘…..Oh my god!’

Ark’s head was blank. Ark knew better than anyone the power of the small missile launcher. It was the small missiles that the prisoners always experienced first when fighting the Rama.  A lot of time was needed to aim but it literally launched a missile. If a level 30~40 warrior received a direct hit from it then it was game over! It was the trooper’s strongest attack.

‘I’m screwed! There is no guarantee that I can destroy the crystal with 7% mana left. No, it’s the same even if I use 18 Barrage. 18 Barrage is a skill where I can’t move until it ends. Even if the crystal is destroyed, the missile will still hit me.’

The missile would hit him by the time 18 Barrage finished. However, he had no choice.

‘Dammit, 18 Barrage……”

Ark clenched his fist and shouted. All of a sudden, the rune floating above his head started cracking. A translucent form like a ghost appeared before him. It was a person with the head of a dog!  Surprisingly, it was someone that looked like the Anubis he saw in the pyramid. It was the manifestation of Anubis, the god of the underworld in ancient Egypt.

‘W-what it this?’

Ark couldn’t understand the situation. The Anubis was drawn into the body of the dead trooper after it appeared. Then the body of the dead trooper shook and stood upwards. Amazingly it shook off the blood and changed forms!

‘Eh? T-the dead Rama warrior? No, but the body is……’

Anubis was a god with a dog’s head. But a dog with the face of a human emerged from the trooper’s stomach. A dog with the face of a trooper had appeared from the corpse. Ark was in a state of panic from this strange situation.

-The target for the Ikram rune has been found.

-The Ikram rune has been completed and information about it received.

Ikram (Hell hound)- Ikram is an ancient Murat rune that symbolizes Anubis who is the gatekeeper of the underworld. The Murat long believed that the photon life form Shire contained a special divine power and finally succeeded in a realization.

By drawing the rune that symbolizes Anubis in the Shire, the user can offer a sacrifice to summon the hell hound that guards the underworld. The ability of the summoned hell hound depends on the original ability of the sacrifice. When summoned, the hell hound will consume 1 mana ever second and will move according to the user’s command.

<A hell hound will be summoned when a sacrifice is offered. 1 mana will be consumed every second>

‘This is the way to use Rune Carving?’

Ark stuttered at the information window with an absurd expression. When he used the skill the first time, he thought it wouldn’t activate because the target wasn’t in the area. And he thought it was because there were no allies in the area. However, his allies weren’t the target. It was because there were no corpses to be sacrificed!

……This was a surprising skill! Ark felt uncomfortable but there was no time to worry about it.
At least the skill was confirmed. But now his life was about to fly away!  If he died here then the levels and skill he gained from the pyramid would also be deleted. He would lose the skill the moment he confirmed the information.

‘The skill was triggered but only freaky dog with the face of a human showed up!’
Even if he used 18 Barrage, there was a 30% chance the crystal wouldn’t smash.

And now a dog who ate his mana appeared.

‘Dammit, if my mana hadn’t been absorbed by that abnormal dog then 18 Barrage……’

Ark clenched his fist and was about to move when he stopped.

‘No. That’s not it!’

Kikiki, you’ve waited a long time. I’ll send it now. You’re dead.

The trooper smiled and lifted the missile launcher. Ark contemplated for a moment before raising his head and shouting.

“Dammit! No! 18 Barrage!”

The shoulder part of his battle suit opened and steam emerged. At the same time, his arms moved at a rapid fire speed like engines were attached to it.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Cracks appeared in the crystal and splinters flew with every hit. Confusion spread on the trooper’s face as the crystal vibrated.

W-what is that? He was still hiding a skill? But it is too late!

And the trigger of the missile launcher was pulled!

Kung kung kung kung!

What, what the?Heok! N-no!

The trooper’s confusion continued……

Kwa kwa kwa kwa, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

There was a flash and a huge mushroom cloud appeared. And Ark who was confined to the crystal…..

-Your level has risen!

His level rose.

-Achievement + 120.

He also earned bonus achievements.

“…..I-I lived!”

Ark muttered as he looked at the smoke from inside the crystal. Ark was able to survive with the help of the hell hound. Right before Ark used 18 Barrage, he ordered the hell hound to attack the trooper.
The trooper was so busy loading and charging the missile that he hadn’t noticed the presence of the hell hound. When he was about to launch the missile, the hell hound had unexpectedly appeared in front of the trooper. The hell hound was hit directly by the launched missile and died. And the trooper only had 40% health left so he had also died from the blast. He had taken care of two things with the sacrifice of the dog.

“Impact Shot!”

Ku ku ku ku ku!

After a while, the crystal broke and Ark emerged. His body wasn’t damaged thanks to the sacrifice of the Ikram rune. The corpse of the trooper was more damaged from the explosion and the items dropped…….

-C-6 (×3)

Item type: Explosives

Attack: 500 (To facilities x5)

An improved version of the tradition C-4 bomb widely used throughout the galaxy. Although C-4 has a proper mix of TNT and RDX, C-6 has more REX which amplifies the explosive power. If is especially devastating when destroying metal or stone buildings.

<The target will explode after the timer is set>

* Caution! It can be very dangerous if you don’t have the relevant explosives skill.

“This is something all troopers carry around. Damn, I’d rather they drop food.”

Ark packed the C-6 and looked around.  He couldn’t be relieved after taking care of the pursuing troopers. Although the Rama base was in a state of confusion from fire, there was no telling how long it would take for them to notice the missing bike. And a missile had also just exploded. This was kilometres away from the Rama base but it was possible they might’ve noticed.

“I have to escape before they come here.”

Ark looked at the distant horizon.

-Distance to the galactic federation’s base: 444km

“444 km……”

It was the unluckiest number.

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