Altina the Sword Princess

Chapter 1 - Towns and Stagecoach

The military carriage advanced slowly in the darkness of the wilderness with the aid of the oil lamp head lights.

The fortress in front was erected over a mountain.

In the middle of the mountain, black cannons were arranged neatly in a row,

The gate in the middle opened slowly to the side as the torches in the surrounding were lit one by one, strong soldiers held on to their pikes warily.

Two months ago, this was still Varden Duchy's famed invincible fortress. But now, it was part of the Belgaria empire, Fort Volks under the Marie Quatre army.

The driver picked up the oil lamp and passed the information to the soldiers as dictated by the doctrines.

The guard at the main gate confirmed the contents before reporting to his commander.

A moment later.

The guard commander appeared and saluted Regis with his right hand on his left chest.

"Thank you for your hard work, Sir strategist."

"... Ah, same to you... Thank you for your hard work."

Regis who was seated beside the driver lowered his head in a panic. The commander was a old veteran noble of the empire, and held an important post in the army.

Regis was known as 'the strategist that took down Fort Volks' and was highly evaluated in the empire.

-- the one who was victorious was Altina.

Regis didn't say it out loud and just mumbled in his heart.

The carriage stopped at a cave dug from the walls. Regis thanked the driver politely and prepared to return to his room.

Regis carried his luggage and headed towards his room via the stairway. He pondered about the problem of there being too many stairs in this fort.


"You are finally back, Regis."