A Certain Middle-Aged Man’s VRMMO Activity Log

Chapter 1 – First Day

…. It was suprinsingly fast.

The day when I could touch VRMMO.

I’m Daichi Tanaka, 38 years old.

Even at this age I can’t stop gaming. My parents have also been keep asking me to stop playing

I don’t intend to get angry at them because of it.

The reason being is that I am a hopeless game addict. After all, games are wonderful.

Though I might be 38 years old, I can run as fast or jump as high in the sky as I want, inside the world of games.

There exist people who ask “Why games are such a great thing?”

But as you start to age you realize that your body becomes dull.

Even most professional baseball players or Olympic athletes retire in their 30’s. Altough there are exceptions.

When I was a teenager I never thought that my body would weaken so much, but is my reality now.

Basically, I’m getting old…and that is unpleasant.

Well, the introduction has got long, but from now on I will talk about the title of VRMMO.

To start off, the name of this VRMMO is [One More Free Life Online]. The gist of it, is to enjoy another life inside of the game.

Open Beta ended 2 days ago, and the game is scheduled to star officially in about 10 more minutes.

The contents of the game are…..a skill level related MMORPG.

Basically, character levels doesn’t exist, you grow your character by leveling up your skills.

At the beginning, I choose ten different skills, afterwards when I grow up I can choose other skills to “some extent”.

You earn ExP points by reaching a certain level in a skill, which then you can consume those points to learn new skills…or at least, that’s what the beta testers said

However, if you lack a plan to select skills and be reckless you could end up being a Jack of All trades and master of none.

There doesn’t seem to be a demon king subjugation or a final quest.

The game is made to enjoy a brand new life.

There are monsters, crafting and chatting.

Well, it is time to start soon…I was able to join the server smoothly.

Now then, to make a character.

As for the character name…it may be cheap and simple but because I can’t remember a cool name I will use “Earth” for the time being. (TN: “Earth” is the translation of his japanese name)

Appearance wise…around 19 years old and about 176cm?

Eye and hair color are black and that isn’t negotiable. More like a commitment.

The face can look average. I heard that the symmetry of handsome boys and beautiful girls is perfect.

Let’s not raise the nose too much…and apparently without permission you can’t change your gender.

Even though I’m 38 years old, my heart still remains young. And that is why I created a young character. In a world where I’m free to move there isn’t a need to bring my smelly old appearance to it. Since this is not reality I can let my mind rejuvenate.

Alright, like this I just finished.

Eeh, I look like a generic RPG character?

Hmm, I guess …, I will make the background look better.
I leave to other people to create characters that look like handsome or beautiful young people.

I’m not fit for a leading role (TN: Main character role)

Next is skill selection…

Based on the current game information available through the beta testers, the main skills I choose are considered obscure or garbage. But with those skills I can play the game leisurely and in moderation too. This is because, has a 38 year old adult, I have to work every week properly. Only today and tomorrow will I be able to play more than 1 or 2 hours long, because of that I most like will be playing solo.

Therefore, I don’t have to be worried about choosing the so called garbage skills. And so, I quickly choose the skills.

The choices that I made were…. [Bow] [Kick] [Far Sight] [Wind Magic] [Crafting] [Cooking] [Woodworking] [Medicine] [Stealth] [Physical Boost]

The 10 skills above at a glance may not look like obscure or useless. But according to the information, the number of useless skills I choose is…six.

[Bow], [Kick], [Wind Magic], [Medicine], [Stealth] and [Physical Boost].

[Bow] is called useless because how difficult is to hit the target, making the hit rate rather low. In addition, the cost/performance is just plan terrible.

Adding to it, [Bow] only does 75% of damage compared to one hand swords.

It’s true that you can attack at long-range, but then it would be better to choose magic all along.

During the beta test, they though [Kick] would be a [Finisher Art] but it doesn’t seem so.

In case of other skills, when the skill level reaches lv 10, you get a new art. (TN: Edited)

There are people who say the raised [Kick] up to lv 30 but they didn’t get an art.

(By the way [Strike] skill seems to be a better skill because it has variant skills.)

Truth to be told, because I chose the [Bow] skill and I will be playing solo, not having a close-combat skill could be dangerous.

[Wind Magic] at a glance seem to be usable, but at a closer look you can see it’s a half-hearted skill. The only decent ability it has is the speed buff. But the attack and recovery ability seems useless.

The attack of the other elements (the elements being Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light and Darkness) are superior. In respect to the recovery ability, apparently, it is less powerful at least ¼ to ½ compared to water and light recovery ability.

[Medicine] a skill that is used to make potion. Any other MMO is a welcomed skill.

But it seems that you are able to purchase cheap potions in bulk from the NPC’s.
Producing potions makes you look ridiculous apparently.

In addition, the cooldown time to take potions seems to be short, making the effects more or less good.

The potion value is very constant at least that is what beta testers are saying.

[Stealth]…though concealing oneself is a good idea, the cost to do so is terrible, it decreases 1% of the maximum value of MP every second. After 10 seconds of using [Stealth], the cost go up to 2%, after using the skill for 20 seconds the cost is 4%, and so on…with every 10 seconds the cost to maintain the skill doubling.

Besides that, there are monsters that can sense the opponent smell, sound and heat signature making it meaningless

The [Physical Boost] improves stuff like running, weapon handling, crafting…pretty much any action, what sounds nice, but…by taking this skill you just end up being a jack-of-all-trades and master of none, so is better to take skills that are specific. Obviously, this skill makes a balanced character, but because I’m a solo player and the diversity of skill that I have, it is convenient to learn this skill. (TN: pinch of salt on this paragraph especially last sentence >.>).

With this character creation is OK.

I didn’t inform any IRL acquaintance about me playing this game.

No, I’m not a forever alone…. (TN: Yeah right! >.>) it’s because all of them like to drink at night…which is a hell because I’m not a great drinker, and when alcohol appears in front of them they turn in demons.
It would be nice to meet someone online, to have a once-in-a-lifetime encounter/play time?

Although it will be unusual because I will be using a bow and quiver on my back that everyone speaks badly about.

There might be a good person, too, whether it is possible to meet or not…it is all up to fate.

The play style I’m aiming at is….Ranger.

Even though, there isn’t a primary job in the game at all.

Lurking a prey in the forest, shooting at it and killing it, afterwards cook the meat, furthermore crafting my own bow. Also crafting potions from the herbs collected in the forest. Use [Stealth] when is dangerous to move quickly. And last, [Physical Boost] supporting everything else.
At least that is my ideal. The ideal changes with the growth. But for now, let’s go log in and enjoy another life.

[Welcome to (One More Free Life Online!)]

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