A Certain Middle-Aged Man’s VRMMO Activity Log
Dance of the Fairies Arc Preview

And Now a New Stage has Come Around; Will it be a Tragedy? A Comedy?

For a while after, I set out to excessively hunt Rock Ants.
It’s not just to satisfy my grudge, I do have proper reasons.

One is that I want to raise my overall combat abilities if even just by a little bit.
With Zwei and the others’ guild members, another reason is so that it won’t be unreasonable to ask them to party up to fight tougher opponents.
There’s also the fact that steadily increasing my skill levels is really a lot of fun.

One more reason is …

Announcement to all Players

To everyone who is enjoying [One More * Free Life * Online], today we bring you a momentous announcement.

It’s been some time since we opened our servers, and after we’ve seen all the various ways of life everyone has made for themselves here, we have decided that it’s about time to advance onto the next stage.

With that in mind, in the near future we will be performing our first large-scale update.

The update title will be [Dance of the Fairies].

There will be new Skills, new Arts for already existing Skills, and increased crafting result options.
Also, a new existence called a [Fairy] has been added to be a player support character.

The [Fairy] can fight alongside you, help you in your crafting; it’s a support to make the players’ lives a little easier and a lot more fun.

Also, the Fairies will have different statuses attached to them.
From low to high, they are Common, Uncommon, Rare, and High Rare.
Common Fairies are small-sized animals, Uncommon are medium-sized animals, and Rare are those that can take a humanoid form.
It is possible to improve a Fairy’s status, but that will only be limited to within the coming event, and will depend solely on your luck.

Regarding the details of the event, we will announce it on the official Homepage in due time.
With that, though it will still be some time away, please look forward to the update and event.

The [One More * Free Life * Online] Management

That’s the event announcement they sent out about the upcoming update.
Within the players there’s a “That “dance party” is gonna be a “battle party”, definitely!” kind of mood going on … so there’s a lot of players who want to surpass their current combat capabilities. (butokai – dance: butou-armed fight, kai-festival)
I’ve heard the rumors from all over the place, and it seems like just about everyone is fighting everyday to up their combat abilities

All the crafters are kept busy repairing armor, and I myself am busy restocking potions and food.

Even if it doesn’t turn into a “battle party”, the announcement before clearly stated there’s going to be new Skills and new Arts added, so it’s best to push and raise everything as much as you can.
I was surprised to hear it, but it looks like the top players are all dashing to reach LV60+ with their top weapons skills

The top guys probably want to be ready to change skills immediately when the update comes.
Even if it’s not to that extent, I’m also leveling my own skills on Rock Ants, a bit slowly but they’re leveling.
Right, this might be a good time to head to the next area.

Announcement to all Players

After the next maintenance, the large-scale update, “Dance of the Fairies”, will be live.

For the first half, you will be contracting with Fairies, as well as getting used to the behaviors of the contracted Fairies; it’s a period of time to deepen your relationship with your Fairy.

Contracting is limited to 1 try.
However, different Fairies can be called depending on the place you try to contract.

If you perform the contracting ceremony next to a fire, you can call Fire Fairies.

If you perform the contracting ceremony next to a river, you can call Water Fairies.

If you perform the contracting ceremony in a forest, you can call Wind Fairies.

If you perform the contracting ceremony where the soil is laid bare, you can call Earth Fairies.

Like that, each type of place has a type that can be easily contracted.

Also, there are Light and Dark Fairies, but it will be rare that they respond to a contract.
Please understand that it will be impossible to improve your chances to contract with these Fairies.

Finally, it’s extremely rare, but it is possible to get a [Fail] result when contracting a Fairy.
Even we don’t know if anyone will Fail.
The chance to Fail is only 0.015%, so there’s more than enough of a possibility for everyone to succeed without a Fail.

With that, please look forward to the next update, “Dance of the Fairies”.

The [One More * Free Life * Online] Management

Looks like the next maintenance is going to take extra long and it’ll probably be followed by another one.
First the large-scale update> bugs are found > 2nd maintenance
All the players are going, “Management what the heck!”; this is also an MMO staple.
Let’s just pray that the maintenance goes smoothly.

[Hunting Bow]Lv18   [Kick]Lv46   [Farsight]Lv30   [Wind Magic]Lv32
[Cooking]Lv38   [Woodworking]Lv19   [Alchemy]Lv32   [Stealth]Lv27
[Physical Ability Boost]Lv48

Reserved Skill(s)

EXP 14
This time let’s talk about the odds of a dice roll.

Fate’s dice chooses 6 out of 6.
Why am I writing about such a harsh thing …?

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2: Dance of the Fairies Arc