The Place You/I Called From by Sugaru Miaki

Rank #61
Translated from Japanese Completed Romance Supernatural

The Place You Called From

A public phone, ringing out into the darkness. The moment I picked up the receiver, a very strange summer began.

"Won't you make a bet?", asked the woman on the other end of the call. "One summer, when you were 12, you fell in love with Hajikano. But to you, she was too distant a goal. "I have no right to love her," you thought, and so you suppressed your feelings for her. ...However, at the same time, you thought this: "If only I didn't have this birthmark, then maybe..." Well then, let's try removing that birthmark. If you're able to win Hajikano's heart, you win the bet. If you can't cause any change in Hajikano's feelings, I win the bet."

The Place I Called From

I always thought: If I just didn't have this hideous birthmark, maybe then I could win the heart of Yui Hajikano. So I took the bet the "woman on the phone" proposed to me, and my birthmark vanished. Once I'd gotten my ideal body, I reunited with Hajikano that very night. But ironically enough, upon our three-year reunion, I found a birthmark on her face, the spitting image of the one I'd had until yesterday.

Jealous of me for losing my birthmark, Hajikano shut herself in her room. While I puzzled for what to do, the woman on the phone informed me: If I can't move Hajikano's heart, I'll lose the bet, and will be meeting the same ending as in The Little Mermaid.

1: The Place You Called From
2: The Place I Called From

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