Queen of Devouring by Corpse Dead

Rank #12
Orignal English Action Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Mature Psychological Romance Supernatural Adventure Politics Magic Demons Dungeons Female Protagonist Game Elements Non-human Protagonist Dragons Swords Post-apocalyptic Undeads

Do you fear shadows? Elena was born of shadows. Although her name means exactly the opposite of it, is there a shadow without a bright sun? But she soon had to find out that there was an apocalypse, and she was supposed to be the evil monster against the humans. The humans, who were mere mortals not long before her birth. Little did anyone know that she is a legendary creature, who had nothing to do with the apocalypse.

What is the reason behind the apocalypse? That is something everyone would like to know. There is a reason for her birth, which must stay a secret. Can she grow to reach that goal or will she fall? Will she find her own goals as well or she has no way to stop before her final destination? Follow her blood and manipulation filled path to find it out.

P.S:. I downloaded the cover picture from DeviantArt. All credit goes to its original owner. Madelyn Black re-colored their eyes. I thank her for that. :)

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Queen of Devouring - Apocalypse