D'JINN by JA Katia (XLKIR007)

Rank #124
Orignal English Action Comedy Fantasy School Life Demons
Thousands of years have passed since the D'jinn King bestowed magic on the first Magis and has long left the world since. The world was at peace due to the teaching of the Magis but soon war spread across the land when they realised that magic could be weaponised.
The D'jinn king then send down the D'jinns, and from there a long tradition of peace by battle has begun, the Magi Cup.

Ryuenji Saito is your average high school student, with average everything. Everything changed one day by accident, or should I say, somebody just wanted to have a vacation.



"So why do you look like a basketball?"

"I don't know -jin,"

Alternative names : D'JINN - The Average Mage and The Basketball Demon