Black Bullet by Shiden Kanzaki

Translated from Japanese Action Drama Mature Romance Loli Science Fiction
A near future, where humans have been defeated by the viral parasites named Gastrea. They have been exiled into a small territory and live in despair, side by side with terror.
In this world trapped in darkness—
Rentaro, a boy living near Tokyo and member of the “Civil Security” – an organization specializing in fighting against the Gastrea – is used to accomplishing dangerous tasks. His partner is Enju, a precocious young girl. They fight thanks to their peculiar powers until one day, when they receive a special assignment from the government. This top secret mission is to prevent the destruction of Tokyo…
Set in a near future, this thrilling heroic-action story… starts now!

1: Those Who Would Be Gods
2: Against a Perfect Sniper
3: The Destruction of the World by Fire
4: Vengeance is Mine
5: Rentaro Satomi, Fugitive

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