Alice mare by Miwashiba

Rank #263
Translated from Japanese Supernatural

"You want to be XXXXed? Then you just need to XXXX."

"What should I XXXX?"

"Let's see now… You should XXXX bad people. Then you'll be XXXXed, too."

A certain incident cases the protagonist Allen to lose his memories and be taken to a certain facility.

There, he finds other children around his age, with similar circumstances.

...The near-lookalikes Letty and Rick, the timid girl Chelsy, the prank-loving boy Joshua, the quiet and mysterious girl Stella, and the "Teacher" who kindly watches over them all.

Allen finds himself slowly being healed through his interactions with them. But one night, while checking up on a strange rumor at the facility, a strange cat - the Cheshire Cat - leaded him into a strange place called a World.

Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Snow White...

In Worlds seemingly modeled after fairytales, Allen learns the children's hidden pasts, and gradually regains his memories of the incident that made him lose them...

Alternative names : アリスメア

1: Alice mare

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