The Indecent Relationship Between Four Lovers


Woah this week I feel more productive since I will bring this Story about The Indecent Relationship Between Four Lovers. Ok, I admit that I should finished this thing last month but you know I feel not motivated anymore on compiling a story into EPUB since most of the LN isn't suited on my taste. I started to read some Korean novel hope to find something fresh but sadly it's almost same. Harem, dense protagonist, echi and absurd character development. 

To be honest this LN is very cliche at the beginning but it's getting more better at the end, but because this is not a one shot story and there is still next volume the author need to make the MC development revert back into beginning after all his declarations towards his harem (yeah this is also about harem). Well, as you can see this LN have not been update since a long time ago but I guaranteed that this first volume is already good enough. Then hope you enjoy this story.


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God Ginrai / 16 Jun 2017 19:27
If you're looking for things to compile, have you checked the Requests page?
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swhp / 17 Jun 2017 9:54
Yup I checked the request page, but since the good things already assigned to the other and the rest is not on my taste I'm afraid I prefer to looking something else that make me interested to compiling it.
For example if you see on my profle, I tried to making Masou Gakuen HxH but it's stopped after volume 3 (I'm really sorry but it's really painful when made it) but gladly there is epub from Toshiya, hhmm I wonder maybe I need to ask him to fill the Masou Gakuen. Ah but I already decided to compile something but give some times, since I made the epub while reading the story it's take some times

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