Earl and Fairy 12 - Girl power

This new release have been brought to you by Nalya, Daydream Translations and /r/TumblrInAction !

For the first two, those are the translators of course. Go thanks them profusely, and give them hand-made muffins they will appreciate it.

and why /r/TumblrInAction  ? Well, I was browsing it a little earlier, and it motivated me to make this release...
(For those who don't know what it is, it's a subreddit mocking third wave feminism, the extremist ones)
While browsing it, it got a little to me since I could way imagine a band of angry feminazi deciding to shit on the website comments about the content ; how it could be mainly targeted to men, how it could be promoting violence, how it could be promoting women objectification, etc.

If you think I'm overthinking it ? Probably, but the first thing to know is that Armaell's Library isn't my first website. This website isn't my first try it there have been others before. One of them have been closed after a few visitors started shitting on my content, it was the only feedback I was getting and was really taxing morally. I was also younger and thus it really got to me and decided to stop it altogether.
This fear is then not totally irrational, it's a fear of repeat of my past, with just different detractors.

Also, all the arguments said above wouldn't terribly wrong because I believe it. I have now difficulty reading mainstream asian media content on their quality. Made to be quickly produced and broad appeal to an existing fanbase. In the cheap producing is included a basic representation of character pushing stereotype to boundaries.
I'm sorry, but I'm really seeing Lolis as promoting paedophilia by exemple. And I see a lot of those characters stereotype to be of difficult taste.(Now, talking about paedophilia, I could talk again a lot about the raison-d'être of this kind of stuff, but I'm already being long here and we would be out of subject)

In the end, I see my website more as a public service. I always tried to deliver the broadest genre I could : shonen, shoujo, xianxian, action, romance, translated and original etc. There is stuff for everyone and I want everyone to find what they wish here.

PS : As a french, I love using french words in a english sentence. Makes me giggle


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Philosopher Stone / 3 Jun 2017 1:05
And I'll borrow this chance to rant about fetishes. XD
Loli, BDSM, Scat... In my opinion fetishes born from those who can't get what they want (they said they can't be satisfied anymore from ordinary sex) from sex and then explore further and still unable to get it and explore even further away.

This just remind me a book from Japanese author (can't remember the title nor the author) telling an author who's got a darker doppleganger and when he investigates his doppelganger and the activities to find that orgy and the pariticipants as something repetitive and tired people who keeps doing the same thing instead of something glamorous or even as new experience. Struck me as someone looking the key where the lights are instead of the darkness where the key are lost.

The power of romanisation is great, it keep us to look from rose tinted glasses. Unless it's something you doesn't like and you can't be pulled that way. 
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Nephery / 9 Jun 2017 3:22
See~ That's why you should just join me in making niche series/novels. Even if nobody actually downloads them...

Also speaking of French in an English sentence, I recently came across this in a novel:

I beckoned to them.

“Come here.”

The captains approached. The two captains laid on top of each other like a hamburger. Using those idiots as a chair, I sat on top of them. The captains groaned and endured the sensation of my sexy derrière.
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Phial / 9 Jun 2017 20:10
Isn't that line from dungeon defense?
Nephery's avatar Nephery's avatar Nephery's avatar
Nephery / 9 Jun 2017 23:53
Yep. It's from the 3rd volume.
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Phial / 16 Jun 2017 20:02
You have recommendations for similar LN like dungeon defense? It's my favorite LN so far
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swhp / 17 Jun 2017 9:58
I would like to recommend Your and My Asylum translated by the same team of dungeon defense. It's pretty good and the good thing is they provide pdf and epub with good quality.
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phial / 19 Jun 2017 17:52
I've already read that one
phial's avatar phial's avatar phial's avatar
phial / 19 Jun 2017 17:55
Thanks in advance for any recommendations. Sorry for the late reply, been a bit busy lately
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God Ginrai / 9 Jun 2017 13:36
Will you be getting around to making epubs of Sevens anytime soon?  It's been fully translated for quite a while now.

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