Demon king's town planning Volume 3!

Hello everyone,

I'm the new member of this site. I love making epubs so I'm really glad I finally joined. Right now I'm still thinking on what titles I should work on, so look forward to them. While this time, I'm giving the third volume of "Demon king's town planning!", since DELETED is currently very busy with the finals. Happy reading everyone.


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Weiss / 20 Jun 2017 4:50
can you put the illustration for volume 2 and 3? if there is any illustration
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Derpington / 27 Jun 2017 9:06
Erm, excuse me, 
but it seems like your download links are broken.
Clicking any of the 3 downloads gets you a "Error 500 - Server error"

Please fix that.
Thank you.
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Noitrus / 27 Jun 2017 9:59
The links are working fine. Perhaps you have ad-block turned on, it may stop you from getting a download,

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