Demon King's Town Planning! ~The Strongest Dungeon is a Modern City~ by Tsukiyo Rui

Rank #263
Translated from Japanese Action Comedy Fantasy Supernatural Slice of Life Harem Demons Dungeons Game Elements Non-human Protagonist Elves Loli Undeads

eings that create and control monsters and demons, beings that build and reign over malicious labyrinths, the chosen individuals to possess an overwhelming Unique Skill… They are the Demon Lords.

Demon Lords entice people to come to the labyrinth they’ve built and eat the people’s despair as their nourishment.

However, Creation Demon Lord Procell has decided that he will obtain people’s hopes and not their despair as nourishment, and built a happy town instead of a malicious labyrinth to collect human beings.

This is the story of an eccentric Demon Lord, with all its ins and outs.

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Volume 1: [Creation] Demon Lord Procell
Volume 2: [Avalon], the city of Creation
Volume 3: [Rebirth]
Volume 4: The Last of The Four Great Elements

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