Demon King' s Town Planning! ~The Strongest Dungeon is a Modern City~ Volume 1

"I´m on fire but an extinguisher is not required"

Got contacted per mail and since I have holidays I was so generous. Think wont read it as its not mine and I dont like the illustration but I hope some will enjoy it


Dane / 8 Mar 2017 14:24
In the Midnight hour...  I Cried "MORE MORE MORE".....

So.....  If you wouldn't mind....
Weiss / 9 Mar 2017 0:02
well since from the start i'm a fan of isekai genre novel of any type i think this one quite pleasent to read, well some of the illustration just like you said are bad but i still love the character design especially the elder dwarf design. wow my mind begin so corrupted with all the loli novel i have been read lol
eCookie / 10 Mar 2017 0:15
I always hated this "Loli" aspect and never ever was a fan of it. Wouldnt have there been a request this epub would have never seen the light., alas I dont read such stories at all.
Weiss / 10 Mar 2017 2:20
well different people have different preference. As for me i'm okay with this kind of novel because i like to read different type of genre except for gender bender genre i really hate those things and i cannot bring myself to read those sort of novel. Furthermore are you still going to translate this novel? 
eCookie / 10 Mar 2017 13:41
Yeah, everyone has his preferences but I always found this whole thing weird.

I´m much more a fan of "standard" novels that are really similar to western novels, Adventure/Magic/etc.

I´ll continue it (looks like volume 2 is soon) but we dont translate^^
We make the epubs, the trabskator is very fast maybe next week he´ll finish the second vvolume if it has the same size liek volume 1
eCookie / 10 Mar 2017 13:42
Ignore the grammar mistakes, I cant see straight, got no sleep this night
Weiss / 10 Mar 2017 15:19
oh i see i thought you guys also translate sorry for the misunderstanding lol. Also i don't mind with the gramma mistake since i'm not that proficient in english either beside everyone needs some sleeps after all the stress that accumulated. this life sure brings lots of stress hahaha
Smexydaddy / 10 Mar 2017 23:50
Is there going to be a vol 2? Not really a big fan of guns in anime and light novels. But I actually liked the twist he/she used her. Felt fresh, really looking forward to next volume.

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