Hi there, JA Katia here, I'm an avid reader and a new author on this site... whom which cannot find the "+" button, lol. My works basically revolves on Comedy, and by the way my pen name is XLKIR007. I'm also an artist (music and drawing) you can find my drawing at drawcast.com/4ceb and if your interested I can (try) to illustrate for ya (not that I'm any good in drawing, but like I said, I'll try my best) anyways, I'll let you guys know when I find it XD

anyways, here are some of my works https://www.wattpad.com/user/XLKIR007 and for the ones that have a light novel tag, I'll be posting them here... with illustrations of course... if I manage

UPDATE: And now I found it... and now, I don't know how to reply to say thanks for the help XD.... -sigh, yeah I know, I live in the middle of the ocean so I guess its natural I don't know.

anyhoo, have some chapters


SeraphWedd / 16 Jan 2017 9:06
Hello there JA Katia~! Welcome! About your problem in finding the "+New Novel" Button (Which troubled me too, once) you can just ask for the staff to correct it. ^_^
SeraphWedd / 16 Jan 2017 9:08
Try addressing the problem to @Armaell so he can fix it.
Nephery / 16 Jan 2017 15:28
Better late then never, but welcome new people!

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