Hello World!

Hello everyone! Seraph Wedd here! You're probably asking what I'm doing? *Ehem* My humble self decided to post a weekly updating novel! *Clapping sounds* Anyway, I just want to make some things clear.

One: The cover that I am using right now is something I arranged but the Image isn't owned by me. I'm planning on replacing it once I finish the official cover (Don't know when it will finish though...).

Two: I am just an author, writing for passing time, there may be delays on my updates but I'll make sure that there's at least 1 update every week.

Three: I am painfully aware that my English grammar isn't perfect so please pardon me. I'm not sure if there are still errors but I did my best in editing it.

That's all for now!

I am looking forward to acquainting with you all!!! ^_^

~Seraph Wedd~


DragonGodOrsted / 12 Jan 2017 14:42
Welcome to the squad. ✌
P.S.: The only ones with perfect english grammar here are the editors who turned rouge and became authors. Heck, have you even seen my unedited work? That shit is cringey af.

I have crippling depression

DragonGodOrsted / 12 Jan 2017 14:59
Also, I suggest for you, and all the other authors here, to join the discord server. There's a channel for all the writers to gather, but sadly the ones there is mainly just the staff people and me. 
SeraphWedd / 13 Jan 2017 12:03
Thanks. I feel a little better knowing that. Also, yeah, I heard about the channel... But can't find it... How can I enter the #Writers channel?

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