Endless Memoir by SeraphWedd

Rank #263
Orignal English Action Comedy Fantasy Romance Adventure Transported to Another World Harem Magic Overpowered Protagonist

In a world way different from earth, where the fantastic skill called magic exists, conflict was endlessly raging. Death was like an everyday event. Despair is just as abundant as there is air. Still, there's no need to lose Hope.

Evening in a certain forest south of the capital, there's a boy who was found unconscious. Upon further inquiring, it seems that he has lost part of his memories. His origins was unclear but he was certain.

"... I'm not a resident of this world."

Follow Nazo on his journey to take back his memories in a world that is full of dangers on every corner.

Alternative names : Mugen no Kaikoroku / Mugen no Memoir

Lost In Another World [Parallel World]