I'm Not Dead Yet

Hello everyone

I wonder when the last time I post something in here, it's been a long time eh. Well, Seeing this place become lively is very good, especially the newbie is sure bring a lot good story. And I can't just sit and seeing everyone stole my place but they did. So with this post I declare that I'm still alive and kicking tough real life slowly kill me.

So I have bring some story, maybe some of you already notice that I already making epub for this old translations:

I also working for this story with very looong title, The Story ( this is the official short title from the Author lol). And I also put my work for AntiMagic in here because who's know how long my file hosting won't delete it.

To be honest, what I'm working on right is already published under Recchan but as we know he is PDF guy. But it's make me wonder should I give announcement when I finish some series? Or should I just post something if it's new series ( it's not published yet in here) ?

Ah well, it's not like I will finish something at the moment, since right now I can't make epub quickly. It's like 1 series in two weeks blame works. Well, i think is enough from me. Hope we will meet again soon.


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Rosa / 13 Dec 2016 15:26
Hiya! Good to know that you're still alive ahehe

Anyway, I just want to say THANK YOU for all your efforts in keeping this site alive and sparing us some of your precious time to compile these stories. Rest assured, your labor is bringing us readers happiness. 

P.S.: Not sure if you're a believer, but Happy Xmas to you! :D
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swhp / 13 Dec 2016 23:23
Wow there is no more happiness than seeing the readers happy and enjoy with our works ;)
Yup I hope I can bring more good story in here, and Happy Xmas to you my friend :D
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Deen Lee / 13 Dec 2016 21:49
Likewise, I have to thank you a lot for the work on posting and hosting all of these series. When I found this site, it was truly goldmine of (Light) Novels!

It'd, however, be convenient, if you listed every single volume you upload, be it from a series that is already on the site, or off a new one. Much easier for your followers to notice. It doesn't even need to be anything fancy, a line saying "Rokujouma V19" and "Sevens V16-19" is all I ask. Keep on with the great job!
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swhp / 13 Dec 2016 23:28
Ah I see, thanks for the advice, I will immediately post the series that I done and uploaded in here.
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Nephery / 13 Dec 2016 23:26
Announce away. Recchan's EPUBs don't really count since they're converted

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