Earl and Fairy 11

Hey, guess who ? Me !
Totally unexpected right ?

Things have been crazy, and I have been lazy too, let's be honest. But here I come back and with a ton of things !
First I want to apologize to all of you that sent me mails, I receive them, I read them, but they've been piling and didn't took time to answer to most of them :/ But I'm aware !
And there is so many to do, first get back to the series where I'm late (again), there is some fixes to the website waiting to be uploaded, some others need to be actually coded. (The download all button will be of course my top priority). There is also a new serie already delayed by a month because of the new RoyalRoad update that kinda fuckup the fetching of the text, I need to find a fix and I fear it won't be easy.

For now, here a new realease of Hakushaku to Yousei by Daydream Translation. We can thank them for their hard work.
Apparently they've been hit by aggregators and content thiefts, they got disclaimers and protection against copy. Sadly guys I don't know if it's really useful all this work, it's just annoying.. Proof is I totally made my promised work ahah ! (but not being able to use shortcuts is really annoying yeah).

So everyone, enjoy the serie and go support the team !


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Dona / 8 Nov 2016 12:37
Thank you! You're great!

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