Marginal Operation 02

Wow, its been about 2 weeks since I last uploaded something. It’s funny cause I actually finished this EPUB a week and a half ago, but kept procrastinating on putting it up til now. I think my procrastination is evolving…


swhp / 23 Oct 2016 22:58
Please, please don't continue to level up and bring us more good story :(
Nephery / 24 Oct 2016 1:51
What makes this funnier is that Armaell's magical tool made my EPUB-making speed actually skyrocket...
rerorerorero / 24 Oct 2016 6:02
yeah ive been waiting for this, thanks alot nep-nep 
kiyofumi.yoshikawa / 24 Oct 2016 10:41
Hello! I downloaded your epub and read it on my phone using Moon+ reader, but found the problem in ToC. When I checked it using Sigil, I found no ToC. 


Thank you for your attention!

PS: I fixed it by using sigil's "generate TOC"

Nephery / 25 Oct 2016 0:45
Really? I just checked and I have a ToC. Anyone else got this problem?
kiyofumi.yoshikawa / 25 Oct 2016 11:29
I will try to download it again, maybe the problem came from mega?
kiyofumi.yoshikawa / 25 Oct 2016 12:01
Hello! Redownloaded it again and still found no TOC...

I checked it using Sigil 0.8.901
Nephery / 27 Oct 2016 0:10
Yeah, found the issue.

In Sigil 0.9.x, the NCX has to be separately generated when in EPUB3 mode. So the process for generating a TOC in Sigil is now:

1. Tools -> Table of Contents -> Generate Table of Contents…
2. Tools -> EPUB3 Tools -> Generate NCX from Nav

The first step will generate the XHTML Table of Contents, and the second will generate the NCX (backwards compatible version of the TOC).

I've updated Marginal Operation with the fix. Though other EPUB3s in the library might also have the same issue.

Thanks for bringing it up btw, never would have noticed it otherwise. :)
kiyofumi.yoshikawa / 27 Oct 2016 2:15
You're welcome!
Thanks for your hard work!
God Ginrai / 24 Oct 2016 15:22
Finally! ^_^  Thanks, Nephery!

Once I replace my stolen eReader, I'll be sure to read this. :)

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