Hellos, Greetings and Fictional Stories

Hello there. My name is DragonGodOrsted and I am an author here.

…saying I’m an author feels weird but that’s what I am, I guess.

Well, anyways, I give you my original fiction: Re:Incarnation. It’s all about— Go read if you want to find out!!

Ah yes, I need to make this clear to everyone. Updates will be guaranteed once a week (probably on Sundays), two or three if I feel like it. Last week was pretty hard on me since I got hospitalized for stomach ulcer and had to stop writing because I couldn’t write with a needle in my hand, and my mom took my phone. So I didn’t get to write anything, but I’ve been pumping out chapters like a pregnant woman on labor yesterday but I still have to encode them T-T so tiring And so, I give you Chapter 1 and Chapter 1.5( <--- I wrote this because I was bored xD )

Next week, I'll put up Chapter 2.

Ah yes, I almost forgot, this was edited by your very own MatKrulli -sensei. (The credits for the cover picture goes to its owner) Also, thank you very much Armaell -sama for allowing me to post my humble work here. bows deeply

Peace out.



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