Macaron Girl

Today I bring you guys much feels. That is, a collection of short stories written by Karate:

  • The story of a macaron-loving fairytale girl who lives for a thousand years
  • The story of a girl who can talk to concrete
  • The love story of the strange alien Paraporopurun
  • The story of Semiko hailing from the Cicada Kingdom

Actually, this EPUB was originally planned for wayyyy back when I released Starting Over. But being the whimsical kind of guy that I am, I kept delaying it until now.

With that said, enjoy the stories!

Also, as mentioned earlier, you may cry. Consider yourself warned.

PS: I've linked a PV to the series page. It should give you a good idea of what kind of stories you should be expecting. And yes, before you ask, the PV was fan-made (not by inartistic me). But honestly, it's quality is good enough that it might as well be a professional PV.


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