The Story of a Macaron-Loving Girl Who Lived a Thousand Years Somehow. by Karate

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Translated from Japanese Completed Romance Tragedy Science Fiction One-shot
"So, what should I do to live a thousand years?"
The story of a macaron-loving fairytale girl who lives for a thousand years; the story of a girl who can talk to concrete; the love story of the strange alien Paraporopurun; and the story of Semiko hailing from the Cicada Kingdom...
A collection of short stories from a new star in the online novel scene and a popular NicoNico Douga illustrator.
Happy, and heartbreaking, and lovely, and just a little strange stories.
The Story of a Macaron-Loving Girl Who Lived a Thousand Years Somehow.
A whimsical girl who loves macarons learns her best friend has ended up a thousand years in the future, so she lives a thousand years to meet her and watches the world change around her.

She Can Talk To Concrete
A boy with a terminal illness doesn't tell his mother about it, and instead enjoys having no responsibilities. Then he meets a girl from middle school who's changed considerably since then, and shares with her the mysteries of cardboard and building secret bases.

Paraporopurun Peroporoparapon
An alien finds he's in love with another alien, but knows that, her being royalty, he can never hope to compete with her thirty-five trillion fianc├ęs... or can he? Said aliens have bizarre names, bizarre bodies, and bizarre practices, but are actually really cute.

The Lying Cicada and the Blue Sky
A boy is visited one night by an unusual girl initially claiming to be a cicada. Eventually, she reveals her intention to "repay the favor" of him once saving her life.

Alternative names : Paraporopurun Peroporoparapon / She Can Talk To Concrete / The Lying Cicada and the Blue Sky

1: Macaron Girl

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