Vampire Princess Volume 1-2

Here Armaell again on eCookie's works ! This is a project I long time thought about to do, but well, I never did and it actually fit eCookie better. Enjoy those who likes this story, or are interested enough.
For information, there is a somewhat Overlord vibe on it, and the Gender Bender tag isn't strong. It's just a little more pronounced that in The New Journey of an Old Soul. Talking about that, this is coming ! I'm starting to work on it right now, the author have quite the exigences on it, and it's pleased to see an author caring about his story at this extent.


Irina_Akashira / 17 Apr 2016 21:19
Tanks for the update

Certainly "The New Journey of an Old Soul" is a very good story

Good luck

Pd: If do you have to think how separate the chapters, I spoke many times with the author, and we were more or less agreed that the best points would be the time-skips. If you still have to read at all, would be the following

Armaell / 18 Apr 2016 21:00
Whopsy, seen your comment a little late ^^"  
Anyway, I don't think this kind of book need to be splitted in volume, one big book is easier to handle :)
Irina_Akashira / 19 Apr 2016 14:26
This is your website and your style

No need to discussion. It was jus a suggestion
Armaell / 19 Apr 2016 15:05
But the author's story before everything ;)
Cheyenne / 13 Jul 2016 9:00
What a time of it you have all had, glad you made a moment for the choccies, always guaatnreed to make you feel happier. thanks for the chance to win a maggie. good luck and best wishes for september and remember the chocolate shop will probably be open then too!! hugs heid x

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