Changement of files' host and presentation

24 days since my Library have started. The number of visitors is steadily growing, and so the downloads.

Until now I used an external host for my files so to reduce the load on my website. The thing is, in 24days, you used 25% of the monthly bandwith of my offer. and as said, it's consumed faster and faster. It look like safe for now, but I want to prevent the day where I'll face the message "you have used all your bandwith this month" ! Won't be fun yo have everybody unable to get the epubs and pdf, destroying the whole purpose ...

Well, in a way, I'm pretty happy, it mean it's successful o/
And it also mean, I'm moving all my files on the website host. guh~~ And I'll be praying the whole thing won't collapse ! Please hand me your prayers too !

Aside of that, I have changed how books in series are displayed. With the last big addition of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, just displaying the serie page took 4 screens high of my laptop, ahah, definitly not good.
So I'll hope you'll like the new display.


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