Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Complete

There was an Anime, when I was still watching them (Aaah~ Good ol' time) that I remember, it was somehow original on his plot, light to watch and had a feeling of not enough when it ended. I then tried the manga to satisfy my thirst, but it was only disappointment.

Now, understand my surprise when I see it completed on Baka-Tsuki ! Of course, I couldn't let it pass, now it will be my next reading :D
Well, just one thing... I didn't remembered it to be so ecchi ... guuuh. I hope it won't be too horrible.

Even, for now while starting this Library, I'm also trying to gather at the best I can different style, and so, ecchi is a good addition ! I'm sure some will definitely like it.

Here my biggest addition so far.


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