Marginal Operation 01

So awhile back, Subi mentioned that I only release EPUBs for novels with drama and feels.

Well guess what?

This isn’t one of those!


Jokes aside, I’ve been planning on making this EPUB for awhile now solely because of how interesting the premise was. I’ve also read part of it, and its kinda like that rare gem you find every now and then within all the generic that’s out in the LN community nowadays.

First of all, let me answer a question some of you may be having:

Seeing as how the guy is Japanese and that the background is clearly not Japan, is this another “guy gets transported to another world” story?

NOPE. This story IS NOT a reincarnation nor a fantasy story. There is no magic, supernatural powers, psions, what have you.

The main setting takes place in the year 2022/2023 in central Asia. In particular, it takes place in a country which the novel refers to as “Something-stan”.

Now if that hasn’t raised any eyebrows yet, let me also say that despite the MC being an ex-NEET, this guy is not a wimp nor a fluff-brained moron. If anything, the guy is pretty damn calm.

All in all, its quite a good read which I think had gone under the radar for many people. So when you have time, I recommend you guys to check it out!

PS: You should never ever expect me to finish ahead of my schedule. This case was a bit odd in that despite being a longer novel (250ish pages), I somehow or another finished this within a day.


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