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That will be my line today ... After completing Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, I wanted to start Mushoku Tensei until I found this baka-tsuki epub generator.

Now I'm in despair, I was doing those epubs of Baka-Tsuki since you couldn't found them on their respective page. Now you can download them in one click... guh ~~

Well, I respect the work, I also work in a semi-automatic way, it's just that my generator is a generic one (working in the same way on Baka-Tsuki, Wordpress, Blogger, RoyalRoad or other webfiction hosts), so it need that I do some manual editing after, and still take me some time of work.

SO, I won't do "Baka to Tesuto to Syokanjuu" like I wanted to, since it can be found on the generator. BUT, strangely Mushoku Tensei is only up to volume 2. But well, I also found them on [tehflyingjam's dropbox] ( Not too bad, lot of hard work off my shoulders, good for my reader ^^

I'll find a place to add links on other epub's makers


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David Teviotdale / 13 Dec 2016 19:17
Hi Armaell,

I'm the author of the epub generator you mention in this post.
I'm interested in your statement "it's just that my generator is a generic one".
As you may be aware, I'm working on adding generic support to my generator and any information you can give me on this would be appreciated.


David Teviotdale
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Armaell / 13 Dec 2016 23:34
Hi David !

I have no problem to discuss that, be it mail or Discord. But do know that the generator used internally is made with the fact that someone with technical knowledge can configure it before making a serie ; it's generic because it can be prepared for every situation on the fly. Then the true work of the generator is to prepare a file for handmade editing, and not a fully-fleshed epub.

The generator have some smartness, but only when it's not overriden by the settings inputted (and it's better to).. So I doubt the way it is made, the input, the result are the same. The only thing comparable is the gross result.

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David Teviotdale / 14 Dec 2016 0:15
Hi Armaell,

Thanks for the quick reply.  I'm going to suggest moving this to e-mail.  I don't know your e-mail, so you'll need to send to my address (Which is, in case you can't see the field on the form.)

The first thing I'd like to know: "Is the generator open source?"  If so, can you please provide a link to the source?  Given that, I can probably figure out everything else I wish to know (if the code is English). But if you know of links to any documentation that would also be useful.

If it's not open source, then can you tell me how it's configured?  More specifically, what are the things that can be configured and how are they configured?  

e.g. I assume the configuration has a set of "rules" that the generator:
1. How to find the element(s) in a web page that contains the "content" to put into a chapter of the epub. 
2. How to find the title of each chapter (page) and the story as a whole.
3. How to find the author's name.
4. How to find the hyperlinks to all the chapters making up the story.
5. "Unwanted" elements to remove from the content.

What other "rules" are there?
Also, how are the rules described?  Is it done using a programming language (e.g. python or javascript) or do you just plug in values? e..g Look for a <div> element with an id of "entry-content"?

Thanks again for your time.


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