Seiun wo Kakeru V03

This is the Village Development Arc. What more fitting that this one when I've just put on paper what will be the next evolution of the library. For me it's time to see a little bigger \o/

One of the first things will be the url-change. This one is easy.
The second one will be a big revamp of how the website works. It will make me easier to add functionalities. It will also the end of Wordpress for me : full house !
The last one is a evolution of the goal of the website. I continue making epubs of course !

It will take me some time, and so, for now go read it.


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RS / 3 Feb 2016 11:53
It's an interesting story, but I find the translation kinda stiff... is this machine translated?

Also, it's a shame the translation is of the web novel and not the actual light novel (so missing the novel illustrations and more professional version).

Still, thanks for the epub!
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Armaell / 3 Feb 2016 11:57
I'll give you hint : check the translator "about" section ;)
After that, it's also a lot easier to translate from the WN, translating the LN can be quite a pain :/

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