Aaaaaand it's done ! At last !
Seriously Andur, I hate you for adding colors to your text, well, it took me more than a week to do this file so every reader, you better appreciate his work !

So, Transcendence which is taking place in the universe of Until Death?, if you didn't read it yet I advise you before, even if it can be read without.

A little precision, those books are advised to be read on a black background, it's better for the colors.

Until Death? was the first epub I ever did, I also worked on it a little to clean it, correct display bugs, uniforming spacing, etc. Also, I thanks Adam Lynx Lnx for the upscaled version of the cover of both Until Death? and Transcendence?, it's seriously better like that !

Download the epub/pdf and enjoy this funny story from Andur.


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Jennabel / 13 Jul 2016 9:09
I’ve been tattooing for over 12 years and have never heard anyone say you cant work out after getting a tattoo, unless the workout actually affects the tattooed area (like rubbing against it). Sweating does not cause the ink to come out of your pores or everyone that lives in a hot climate would have messed up tattoos from sweating, and that is not the case. Sex is fine if it don71&#82es;t affect the tattoo area, and I’d say do it as much as possible, lol. So, exercise away, and have all the sex you want.

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