AntiMagic Academy "The 35th Test Platoon"
Re-Contracting of the Azure - Valhalla Calling Preview

Chapter 1
Magic Academy

The Sanctuary has spread out swallowing almost the entire world.

The United States, Russia, China, and other countries has a significant amount of pollution spread upon them, and there weren't many habitable areas left for humans.

There were Inquisition headquarters in areas other than old Japan's land, but moving between the areas was limited to movement through the sky, and since its necessary to fly at an altitude of twenty thousand metres to be unaffected by the widespread Sanctuary, visiting other regions was difficult.

It was also difficult to call support from other areas because of the Sanctuary's interference which made it impossible to connect with them. On the other hand, the witches who survived by constructing a protective barrier have developed transfer magic and were doing that rather frequently.

The shelters created and maintained by the witches were spread all around the Sanctuary.

It seemed like even in the Sanctuary located in old Japan there was a small shelter.

"This place, is the European shelter. Everyone calls it Magic Academy."

The girl with blue hair, Kanaria was walking down the hallway with a stern expression and guiding Takeru through Magic Academy.

"All children born inside of Sanctuary are sent to this academy and receive magical education. It's a training institution for witches... just like Inquisition's AntiMagic Academy."


"This shelter's total population numbers fifty million people. In the spacious Sanctuary, there's a lot more witches."

Even as he listened to Kanaria's explanation, Takeru wasn't paying much attention.

After the case with Kiseki was settled, he fainted and was transferred into Magic Academy by Orochi. Since then, a month seemed to have passed already.

But even as he was told about Magic Academy, honestly, he couldn't get a good grasp on it. After all, the war is a story of the past to him, something that happened 150 years ago.

The country of witches exists, and Inquisition is hiding that fact?

If it's Ootori Sougetsu, then there's no way he doesn't know about it.

And after getting caught up in such a large-scale incident, Takeru felt completely lost on what's happening.

...I wonder what happened to the platoon members. And Kiseki...

He faced down frustrated.

Kiseki's expression as their hands separated was full of sorrow.

He could also remember the voices of his platoon members who tried to get through to him.

『"Don't go... Kusanagi...!"』

Recalling Ouka's heartbreaking voice, Takeru squeezed his hand into a fist.

In the end, everything he did ended in failure.

He rejected the option of killing Kiseki, and decided to save everything.

However, he remained without any solution, and headed towards the end not knowing what to do.

Unable to do anything, he ended up just being used...

When Takeru recalled his powerlessness, all strength immediately left his body.

No matter how much I fret over it nothing will change... let's just think about going back to where I belong for now. First and foremost I should learn what has become of the outside... I'll have to get it out of them no matter what. My comrades safety and... Kiseki's current status...!

He won't stand just being able to pray for their safety.

Intending to resist everything that comes at him, Takeru walked forward

I must go back as soon as possible. To where my comrades are.


Suddenly, Kanaria's face appeared right in front of his and she stared at him. Takeru strongly jumped back.

"Did you hear me?"


"Did. You. Hear. Me?"

Pointing her finger right at his nose, she came closer inquiring.