AntiMagic Academy "The 35th Test Platoon"
The King Of Hundred Demons - Over Dark Preview

Chapter 1
Prelude to Collapse

The Witch-Hunting Festival has ended peacefully. Currently, it's the winter season.

As for the normal schools, it was the time where they approached the end of the second semester.

Because the students were cold in just their uniforms, the number of people who had additional protection against the cold has increased. Colorful leaves were covering the ground and frustrated cleaners were tidying it.

The students' movements also changed together with the season, they started to show a variety of different responses.

Those who belonged to superior platoons; there were many students who have already fulfilled the quota and had lively, carefree expressions.

On the contrary, the students who didn't have good enough results couldn't allow themselves to feel carefree.

There were three months left until the deadline, four months including the vacations.

The winter in AntiMagic Academy was a turning point for all the students.

On such a winter day, in the residential area at dinner time.

At this point of time, students and office workers were still on their way home.

A girl was running with a fierce momentum through the moderate pedestrian traffic on the road.