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The Fortress

Trevin joins in on the conversation.

「Hey, for now why don’t you stay with us? We have to take care of ourselves, but it’s not that bad, it’s honest work. Besides, it’s not like you have any other option anyway.」

You look at the happy-go-lucky guy, then at the cottage, then at the makeshift wooden wall that can be seen through the window… And then look at the full-plated paladin looking at you with an expectant look in her face.

「Well, I’d love to join you guys, but all that fortress thing just isn’t my cup of tea. I think I’ll try my luck with the forest, maybe I can find a village somewhere.」

Catherine seems troubled at the prospect.

「Didn’t you hear? We’re right in the middle of the wilderness of chaos, if you go into the forest, you’ll certainly die! If you stay with us, you’ll have to swear allegiance to me, but in exchange, I can guarantee that as long as you serve me, you will definitely outlive me.」

「Yeah, yeah, wilderness of chaos, I remember that. You do realize I woke up outside the camp, right? The only thing surrounding us is the most peaceful forest I’ve ever seen. Forget chaos, the only thing I’ve felt from that wilderness was peace and calm. I think I could even hear birds singing.」

「You don’t understand, that’s because of the archangels’ protection… I guess there’s no choice. Tomorrow Laura will show you to the forest’s border and you’ll see it for yourself. She is a hunter, so she’s able to easily navigate through it. But now she is out hunting and it’s getting late. I suppose you don’t want to travel through the woods at night, regardless of how serene they might be, right? Stay with us for the night at least. You can use Laura’s tent for now.」

And thus ended the first day after your untimely death.

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