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The Fallen Star
Prologue V

I hear people whispering in front of the door which raises my attention. The guards never speak, even when they switch, and no other sound could be heard except for the monotone splash of water drops from the ceiling.

“Finally some distraction. Since the guards let me out of my cage nothing happened and it feels like it was a long time ago.”

I press my ear against the door and hope to hear something of the conversation. The door has no keyhole and I can’t see the other side.

“It’s rare for you to bring me to your private warehouse. Even I don’t know the location but I hope the teleportation gadget is secure.”

A male voice. The door softens it but he was surely an elder person, not a youth.

“Of course. How do you think it was possible for me to keep my wares secure? The guards stay here on permanent duty, never leaving and are bound to a magical contract and an oath. Telling someone about this warehouse is impossible, so rest assured. No one will know you were here.”

A second voice, male again. From what he was saying it looks like he owns this place.

“But warehouse? This doesn't sound much promising and if it’s even in secret I doubt that they are nice men.” I frown and press my ear harder against the door, hoping to hear more.

“Hmm, so what is this precious thing you wanted to show me. You know there are only a few things that interest me and you don't sell weapons. That excludes most of the things I would buy from merchants. And since you opened business I only bought specific goods.”

“I know, I know, that's why I brought you here. You surely know how I get my wares. Abandoned children, some kidnapping here and there when a customer has a special wish or luring them with promises”

“Hooo? To think that such a well-known merchant would lower himself to use such dirty tricks”.

“You play with your political tricks and I play with mine, there are no differences except mine don't need to be subtle. Anyways back to the topic. Half a year ago, my men were on the way to find some new wares when they found an unconscious human girl lying in the woods. She had only a simple dress and nothing beside her. No one was around and no traces were found by the scout of how she got there. They brought her back here.”

“Nothing that makes her special, or...? I guess the gods blessed you to find something without any risk”

“Let me finish. After they brought they back my Medi did a quick examination when he discovered that she has no Mârden”

“What!” The voice sounded very surprised

“What is a Mârden and why is the voice so surprised that I don't have one?”, I thought as my curiosity was rising.

“I hope you don´t lie to me. You know that it's literally impossible for a human to not have a Mârden after they are born. The deities gave every race a trait and for humans it´s the Mârden. Unless you lie to me you  learned in the past that I don't have interest in other races.

“I´m not lying to you. My Medi made a complete examination and assured me that she is 100% human. I don't know how it's possible but it is how it is and the benefits are clear to everyone who understands that.”

The short break raised her anticipation to a maximum

“She is unable to wield the laws of nature and has no possibility of using magics”

“You are joking, the man who spoke first now has a doubting voice, “You are playing tricks on me and trying to fetch a higher price. Who would believe such nonsense. What you described never happened in all the time since history started being recorded on the scrolls”

“Why don't you try it for yourself. Go inside and do what you like, I know how you treat your toys and she wouldn't be able to put up a resistance. The simplest binding spell would make her no more than a doll, open to your will and never doubting or betraying her master”

“If you are speaking the truth it would be indeed easier to bind her. I´m always tired after I have bind Mârdens to my will. Also if they are strong I have to redo the binding in regular intervals to ensure they stay bound. Without one a simple command would be enough”

“I knew you would acknowledge the benefits. But now see for yourself”

Fear and doubts are overwhelming me during the man's last words. They clearly held ill intents and I never thought I could end up as a lifeless doll, helplessly being ordered by whatever the man would say.

I backed up from the door, fleeing into the corner of the small room, as far away from the door as I could.

The door opens and a well-dressed man enters. He is well-built and certainly not weak; some of the muscles he has show themselves under his clothes

He grabs me and drags me out of the corner.

“NOOOOOOO” , I scream from the top of my lungs but the well dressed man wouldn't let me go.

I try to get free from his grip but he was so strong my arm started to hurt.

I desperately try to get away and furiously try to scratch him with my nails, the only weapon I have at my hands, but every time I start to get close with my hands I felt some resistance before I reach his face.

“Hooo, I like her. It's always more fun to break them when they struggle until they know it's futile and that they can't run away.”

He comes closer to my ears and whispers something.

“We are both going to have a lot of fun.”

A devilish grin appeared on his face and I feel the fear, everything I kept away for all the time I was captured here, coming over me.

I suddenly feel sleepy and I can’t keep my eyes open. Even with this living nightmare, I´m unable to keep the drowsiness away and darkness falls onto my eyes.

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Armaell / 19 Sep 2016 16:15
This slaver is bad. He should have holded on her and kept her secure. If she has some much worth without that Mârden, it would have been best to try to bred her. 
(Why are you saying I'm a monster?) 
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Boartank / 24 Sep 2016 2:54
We need a hero! She's holding out for a hero until the end of the night. He's gotta be strong, fast, and fresh from a fight!
Or she could save herself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Whatever works.
Looking forward to the next chapter <3

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