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Chapter 4

A few months had passed by with almost no disturbances. The only annoyance right now is my seatmate, the one that had stared at me intensely even though I had only just joined the class. I didn’t bother trying to remember his name since useless information about an insignificant little child would just gradually fade away.

Then something interesting finally happened during the sixth month.

During my carriage ride home, the carriage had turned into an alleyway which was not |part of| the usual route we used to go home. The maid servant with me inside the carriage had an anxious expression on her face. I guess she’s not part of this plan then.

The carriage made a few more turns and was gradually gaining more distance from our original destination. Our ride finally stopped when the carriage went inside an old warehouse. The place smelled of old books and musty clothes. The windows on the walls were all boarded shut, making the inside of the warehouse look like it was night time. However, due to the holes in ceiling and some caved-in parts of the roof, there was enough light to see.

“What’s going on?”

The maid servant seated adjacent to me looked frightened to the point where she was trembling in her maid outfit, but she made her voice sound calm. This was probably her attempt to try and keep me calm.

“It’s probably just some ant that wants to defile the heavens.” (Katya)


The maidservant bitterly smiled as she guessed what was going on. Maidservants of House Vaanderwal were chosen through a rigorous test. Those which had talent, a certain amount of intelligence, and possessed a certain amount of beauty would be chosen to represent House Vaanderwal as maidservants.

The carriage stopped at the center of the old warehouse.

“Young Miss, if something were to happen, please stay behind me.” (Maid servant)

I silently looked at her as she spoke those words while taking out a dagger that was hidden somewhere in her clothes and headed towards the entrance of the carriage, preparing to attack anyone that would enter.

“Come out! I did what you asked of me!”

The voice of the coachman resounded throughout the old warehouse.

“Good job.”

A voice replied in the darkness.

Soon after, a man stepped out from the darkness and entered into a beam of sunlight created through a hole in the ceiling. The man was in his late twenties and hada muscular figure. One could tell that he had been through a lot of things in his life. He carried a large bastard sword on his back, combined with the dozens of scars over his body and on his face; it made him seem like a huge overbearing mountain.

“I did what I’ve been told. Please release my family!” (Coachman)

“You can join your family.” (Unknown man)

“Thank the Gods!” (Coachman)

“Yes, you can rejoin them… in hell!” (Unknown man)

The man suddenly unsheathed his large sword and swung it down on the coachman, diagonally slashing him in to two. He must be extremely strong to be able to cut someone in half in one strike.

The maid servant and I saw this scene through the glass window of the carriage. When the maidservant saw the man kill the coachman, her face turned pale and trembled even more. Although she had a weapon, it was obviously not enough to fend off this large man.

A few moments after the coachman had died, even more men with ragged looking armor and swords on their waists emerged from the dark corners of the warehouse.

“Damn boss! That was wicked!”

“That look on his face when he knew he was going to die was priceless! Ah, I just love it when people think they’re going to die.”

The men laugh loudly as they talk amongst themselves. After some time, their topic changed.

“I wonder what kind of beauty must be inside to be worth so much money.”

“I can’t wait to get a taste of her!”

“Stop it. The client clearly said that the target must be unharmed, undamaged, and untouched; otherwise we won’t get the money. I feel two presences inside. The other one must be a maid or some servant. You can play with her.” (Boss)

“Thanks, boss!”

“You’re the best, boss!”

“Of course, but only after I had my fill with her first.” (Boss)

“So greedy!”

“I take everything back!”

“Hahahahaha!” (Boss)

The men laughed loudly again. Such vulgar people… It’s scum like this that pollute the world. I wonder why they exist in all the worlds I’ve been to.

After hearing the men outside, the maidservant turned towards me and spoke in shaky voice.

“Young Miss, there is a hatch underneath your seat. Please escape through there.” (Maid servant)

“What about you?” (Katya)

“I shall stall them for as long as I can and follow you shortly.” (Maid servant)

“I highly doubt that.” (Katya)

The maid servant smiled bitterly as I saw through her plan of sacrificing herself for me. Although this maid servant was still in her early twenties and was just recruited a few months ago, she’s apparently ready to lay down her life for me. Cool, but totally unnecessary.

“It’s fine. That is unnecessary.”

I said in a calm and hushed voice.

The maid servant looked dumbfounded as she registered my words inside her brain. She probably thinks that I’ve gone insane from the pressure and intensity of the situation.

“Young Miss!” (Maid servant)

The maid servant raised her voice when she noticed that I had stood up from my seat and moved towards the door. She raised her hand to try to pull me back, but I side-stepped and dodged her hand and opened the door of the carriage.

The moment the door opened the men turned their heads and immediately raised their guard.

They may be scum, but apparently they’re not incompetent scum.

“Oh? Some sort of incredible beauty has come out. I wonder if she’s here to try to give us some ‘service’?”

One of the men said and laughed.

After they knew that the one that came out was just a little girl, they lowered their guard. They were probably thinking about just what a little child that still smells of milk like me could do.

 Oh, just how wrong they are. Pity these poor souls. Idiots. That’s right. Go on. Lower your guards to a small snake, but just don’t blame the snake if it bites you when your back is turned!

“Boss, is she the one the client wanted?”

“Yeah. Go, tie her up quickly. Take the other one too. After that, let’s go back and have some fun with that maid over there.” (Boss)

“Sure thing, boss!”

“How convenient for her to come out on her own. Our luck must be great!”

One of the underlings said as he approached me.

Okay, let’s assess the situation here. There are six of them, including their boss figure. Obviously, the other five would be weaker than that burly man with the big sword, but one cannot judge a book by its cover. The boss would probably react faster than the other five though, if I movethat is, so let’s keep an eye on him. Other than that, there should be no other problems.

Time to annihilate these D-bags.

“Kind Sirs, may I ask you a question?” (Katya)

“Oh…?” (Boss)

Their boss looked surprised when I spoke out.

“What you want?” (Boss)

He raised his big sword slightly, implying that if I dare to do something, he’d kill me. Pfft, this guy is seriously underestimating me.

“Ah, just it’s just a simple request. No need for violence, really.” (Katya)

By this time, the underlings had suspicious looks on their faces, glancing everywhere as if some unknown force would ambush them at any minute. They must think that I had called for reinforcements and am trying to stall for time.

“May I know who this client you spoke of earlier is?” (Katya)

I continued speaking.

“I was wondering earlier, thinking that something interesting would finally happen. But to my utter dismay, it was only a typical kidnapping. And to have so few forces to do it as well. I say, what can you flimsy looking fellows do? I bet they’re only good at licking ass.” (Katya)

The kidnappers were visibly enraged and furious, but did not take any action against me. They are probably waiting for their boss to do something first.

“Oi, brat. That mouth of yours will get you killed.” (Boss)

The boss looked like he was about to explode at any moment.

“So what? What will you do about it? If you think you can kill me, then please go ahead.” (Katya)

“…don’t say I didn’t warn you.” (Boss)

After the boss spoke, he came flying towards me with great speed. The moment before he leapt at me, he had unsheathed his sword. You think you can deal with me unarmed? That’s just rude. Seriously.

“Boss sure is fast.”

I heard one of the underlings mutter. Fast? You think this is fast? To me, he looks just as quick as a snail. With all my experiences, this man can’t be called fast. In fact, he doesn’t even qualify as my opponent.

What’s with this world? It’s too easy.

I send a gale off with that him and his rage are like a waterfall on its way.

He was sent flying, crashing into the wall, breaking several crates and making a cloud of dust rise up. A few moments passed and he wasn’t even showing signs of getting up.

“Now then, who’s next?” (Katya)

I calmly asked.

“You bitch!”

One of the underlings roared and charged at me. Calling a six year old a bitch, such insolence cannot be tolerated, this one should die.

I send wind blades towards him. The silent and invisible wind blades are really overpowered, seriously. The man didn’t even know how his neck was cutopen. Blood gushed from his headless body and fell to the ground with a light thud.



The other lackeys called out to the dead body on the floor, not believing that he just died like that without knowing why. But reality was just in front of their eyes. That man is dead, and so will you guys be soon.

“K-Kill her!

“Attack at her altogether!”

The lackeys cried out and lunged together.

I have to say though, they cooperation is not bad. A little more training, they could become a solid group without any openings. Too bad,that they messed with me that is.

One man charged at me from my left, two from my right and two lunged at me head on.

Hmm... I should really try other kinds of magic. I wonder what will happen if I use them on humans.

“To be honest, I really should thank you guys. I was bored to death. Good thing you guys showed up. Now I can try my magic on you all! Try not to die too early okay?” (Katya)

I shot sharp icicles towards the man on my left. I made purple lightning descend from the skies somewhere above the heads of the two on my right, and sent a beam of light towards the last two.

I made the icicles from condensing the water molecules to form ice and froze it in the form of a spear. The lightning was made by mixing warm and cold air. The cold air already had ice crystals within and the warm air contained water droplets, by mixing these two, the ice crystals and the water droplets collide and separate quickly in the air, these collisions make electrically charged particles. By continuously repeating this process over and over again at a fast pace, and by forming an opposite charge in the area around the lackeys, I caused lightning to strike them, and fry them. The beam of light was made through the use of sunlight. Making a water ball in the stratosphere, angling the sunlight through other water balls and magnifying that power, all I had to do was aim and condense the power of the sunlight.

A moment later, one of the men had various holes across his body, two were fried, and two had their hearts shot by a powerful beam of light. They fell like puppets that had their strings cut.

After the underlings fell, I noticed movement at the far end of the warehouse. It was the boss. I had intentionally knocked him unconscious. It seems he woke up at the right timing.

Since walking was a pain, I teleported right next to him.

“Hey, you awake already?” (Katya)

“Urgghhh….” (Boss)

The man was holding his head and groaning from the pain.

“Hey.” (Katya)

“W-What?” (Boss)

The boss guy was dumbfounded when he saw me so close. He jolted away from me, and got up a few meters away.

“What happened…” (Boss)

He looked around and found his lackeys dead on the floor.

“Dunno, they just fell asleep.” (Katya)

I shrugged.

“Well, anyways, are you ready to answer my questions now?” (Katya)

“…you…” (Boss)

Boy, did he look mad. The veins on his head looked like they were going to burst; he was red all up to his neck; he trembled from the anger.

“If you’re still not willing, I do have some methods on making you answer truthfully.” (Katya)

I continued on.

“Hey, did you know? There are some fragrances and particles in the air that can be used to make a truth serum. Want to find out if I can make one?” (Katya)

As I spoke, I made a miniature tornado |appear in my palm, scaring him.

“…” (Boss)

“Come on, it won’t hurt one bit. I promise.” (Katya)

From the corner of my view, I noticed that there was some rope in one of the crates that was destroyed when the boss was thrown overhere. I used wind magic to control it and made it slither its way to his legs. I then bound him with that rope.

I slowly walked towards him while making a bubble in my palm. I was making the truth serum.

“I wonder what secrets you hold.” (Katya)


{Chapter        End}


Author’s Stupid Notes:

The will know true power…


Kyaaaa! Katya so badass! Kyaaa! Take meeee~~ *strips*

Oh god what have I done… *blushes*


Anyways, some of the magic theories were just slightly made-up. Through meticulous research (lie) and hard work (lie) and some imagination, I made them my own little creation. Don’t take it so seriously.

Editor [Artres]: revisedversion, 24/11/16

UPDATED: 1-7-2017 ('cuz I was sick)

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