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Devourer of Immortals

[Warning: Be Prepared for GORE]

In my entire life, I’ve been taught two things, strength and power, two different but important pieces of a scale. In order to have strength, one must have a reason to obtain strength. In order to have power, one must abandon your reason of obtaining strength. The general concept in nothing but a broken equilibrium, that I learned the hard way.

My purpose for strength, to protect all those dear to me.

My purpose for power, to destroy everything that harms those dear to me.

But the path to power is one where anything could happen, and by anything and I meant anything. Heartaches, headaches, the feeling of having your soul being churned and ripped into pieces several times, the feeling of losing your loved ones and the feeling of being betrayed by those whom you trusted.

In the middle of a decimated village, I was on my knees in disbelief with tears streaming down my face. In my life, I had only cried a total of five times becoming more alleviated each time, but this time, it hits straight to my very being, one where I could not control the outburst of tears I’m in.

“Why? Why are you doing this?” I shouted at the top of my lungs towards the only living person in front of me.

“Why you ask? It’s simple, only one of us can challenge the Monarch King and that would be me,” the man in front of me raised his bloodied left hand and pointed towards himself with his thumb. In his other hand hanged a dismembered and pale head with so much red that you couldn’t differentiate her hair from the blood.

“If you wanted to challenge the Monarch King, I would have given you the chance to do it, why did you have to do this?” I pleaded with all I could but I was unable to do anything.

In front of me stood my friend whom I trusted my life to, in his hands was the dissected head of the woman I love, and around us is a bloodied mess of all those who I held dear. Friends, comrades, and most of all, family, not even a residue of their souls remain, they were murdered brutally and thoroughly.

“Are you stupid? Why would I accept a half-assed win like that? In order to challenge the Monarch King you need to reach the Godly Ancestor realm and to do that, you need to be the only Demi-God, which I cannot absolutely do until I have killed you,” he replied with a smile.

“I would have given you my life, so why did you have to kill everyone!?”

“What’s done is done my brother, you must fight me now!” he demanded loudly.

I have lost all the strength to even stand, much even stand up and challenge him to a fight. I have lost all hope.

Seeing my unwillingness, a twisted smile crept up on his face as he lifted his right hand and then vulgarly licked the head he was holding, “so if you don’t mind, let me desecrate this corpse you so called dear,”

My heart immediately sank. I sat there helpless while my most trusted friend was doing such an act in front of me. It was not enough that he killed them and crushed their souls, I could not accept this.

“Ohoho, looks like I hit the nail on the head this time,” he said with a smile as he sensed my energy rising.

I slowly stood up causing the earth underneath me to rupture from the sheer power I was releasing, reaching all the way to the core. My face was drenched with tears but I did not care, for all I know, this bastard must be killed.

“That’s it! That’s the you I was looking forward to fight against! Oh the power of a God! Let me taste the power of your rage!” he shouted as he insouciantly threw away the head in his hands infuriating me even more. His body morphed and he grew scales, his nails and teeth extending, and grew a large golden dragon tail and two pairs of dragon wings. A disfigured azure spear materialised out of my soul realm while golden flames created a spear with a dragon’s head at the end that spat out a luxurious blade from it in his hands.

I stared at him with intense killing intent and with all my powers unconstrained, "come you foolish bastard, and I will show you why even the Gods fear me. I'll show you why I am called, the Devourer of Immortals

Dear Lord, I have no idea what I am even writing, but oh well... HAVE WUXIA!!!!! (Sorry it's short)

Internet is soooo slow dang it!!

(Also big thumbs up to my Co-Author who almost puked from the gore, yay)

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