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Adventurers Path

My name is Akio Hitsugaya and I'm 18 years old. I live in a little cabin in a forest on

the edge of a cliff together with my mum and my dad. It is quite a peaceful

place. Although I live in a very dangerous world, which is still not really a problem for

me since it is a perfect world for somebody like me, because I want to become

the most powerful adventurer. Amazed by the hero's from fairy tales I want to become

like them. Ever since I was a child that had been my dream. It's a bit

embarrassing to admit though, so if somebody were to ask I would probably lie about

it. I also don't want to stay my whole life here and do nothing. Most people

would likely have been satisfied, but not me. I want to be an adventure and, as such,

not be forgotten.


I gaze upon then ocean while the the sun is rising and once again ascertain my goal.

The sun was reflecting in my blue eyes and my brown hair was shaking from the

wind. I was wearing my usual grey leather coat, including pants and sweater. Even the

gods seem to favour this day. It's the perfect day to start my journey. Thinking

such things I heard my dad approaching and call in loud voice.

So you'll finally go? I guess I can't do anything against it. But you will do it. After all,

I taught you everything you need to know.”

I looked to my side as my dad came to a stop beside me. He was smiling like usual

while he hit me lightly on the shoulder. He is always like this. I can't remember a

day when he wasn't smiling.

After looking at the sea for a bit we turned around and started to slowly walk back to

the cabin. Mum was waiting in front of it, holding back her tears and smiling.

Mum isn't as strong as dad, but that was no problem, since dad was by her side since

they were children. I was a bit sad to leave mum behind, but I want to go. They

both don't understand why I wanted to go but they supported me and everything I did

and I was happy about that.

I guess it's time.” I said as I grabbed my backpack.

Wait a moment! I've got something for you, give me a moment.”

I was surprised and had no idea what he would give me but I still nodded. He went into

the cabin and a few moments later he came out while holding a linen cloth in

his hands which he handed to me. It was surprisingly heavy. I took the linen cloth from

the object and saw that it was a sword sheathed in its custody.

This is my sword” dad said proudly “It saved my life countless times. I hope it will do

the same for you. I guess you will need it.”

Uhm...thanks dad..”

I really didn't know that my old man had something like this but it was no wonder

when you consider he taught me swordsmanship. I drew the sword, struck the air a

few times and put it back in its custody. Afterwards I fixed it on my back under my


Mum? Dad? Don't worry to much, I will come back!”

I know and we will be waiting for you” Mum responded with a tear running down her


And don't forget to bring a girlfriend with you!”, dad said laughing.

I started walking off along a narrow path. I turned around one more time, smiled and



Bye!”, both responded quickly with a huge smile.

I started walking again and was soon in the deep forest.

I'm searching for an illustrator. If you are interested let me know.

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KawaiiDesuChan / 10 Jan 2017 10:57
needs an editor
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why do you think so?

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