LiEat: The Lie-Eating Dragon and the Forgotten-Color Songstress by Miwashiba

Rank #263
Translated from Japanese Completed Fantasy Adventure Dragons

Does the bluebird know what happiness is?

On request from a close informant, the con artist, Al, and the dragon girl who can manifest and eat lies, Efi, set out to Indigo Town to search for the "bluebird", said to grant any wish.

The pair rents a room in a large mansion, where the townspeople's beloved songstress Mischa also dwells, and proceeds with their investigation.

As the search progresses, Al notices an odd air covering the town.

Rumors of people who should be dead walking around. Townspeople doubting each other, suspecting each other of being monsters...

Just what is going on in this town? And what is the "bluebird"...?

*Also includes extra stories "Efina's Investigation" and "Certain Dragons' Memorandums"!

Notes from Nephery:

  • This story is the prequel to the game series, LiEat
  • The extra stories contain spoilers for the main game series

1: The Lie-Eating Dragon and the Forgotten-Color Songstress

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