Devourer of Immortals by JA Katia (XLKIR007)

Orignal English Action Fantasy Martial Arts Psychological Adventure Gods Cultivation Cooking Wuxia

In a world of mythical arts and cultivation, power is everything and is the grand rule of the land. As a child, Xiao Zhu lived a life of hardships and poverty as a child with the only path he had was dying of hunger and dying of the cold, unable to properly survive and with no cultivation.

One day, Xiao Zhu awoke a mysterious power that brought forth his cultivation by leaps and bounds, the likes of which are only found through miracles.

To protect everything dear to him, he set off on the most dangerous cultivation path which was once lost in time. Now, everything shall be his menu, no more days to spend out of hunger, and not even the so called Immortal Gods will not escape from his hunger.

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