This is Ser J.S. the author of Host Me!

Hello my fellow readers!

Tis I Ser J.S. a secret agent who is secretly Writing a secret and all new original Story for the website. Shh... it's a secret(or is it).

The story I am writing is called "Host Me!". This is my first story posted here.

The story is not a fantasy,sci-fi, or a RE: story but a story of a young man named Yuuto who recently turned 18 and was thrust out into the world head first. He encounters misfortune and somehow ends up working as a host in Shinjuku to pay off his debt.

If this is your first time hearing about host club's let me explain. 

They are clubs that women go to and pay men to hang out with them and talk, drink, sing,eat, an all sorts of things.  

I will be trying not to take to long on bring out new chapters. 

If this peaks your interest come and check it out. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoy writing it.


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