Sevens to 18

Hello all

So here's Sevens completed for the main story. What's still missing are the extras. Enjoy this bit and don't forget to thanks Yoraikun for this translation !


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God Ginrai / 21 Jun 2017 20:29
Oh man, I've been waiting for this!
Armaell's avatar Armaell's avatar Armaell's avatar
Armaell / 21 Jun 2017 23:25
Well, with you keeping asking for it, I had to do it some day :°
swhp's avatar swhp's avatar swhp's avatar
swhp / 22 Jun 2017 1:06
Yeah, just keep remind us about neglected series, because you know, we love to procrastinate (well mostly it's me) and voila we still procrastinate but will work on it xD

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