Seiken Tsukai No World Break


Did you bored with to many Transported series recently? Don't worry, today I bring you an old yet refreshing Harem Battle School Fantasy Light Novel Seiken Tsukai no World Break or can we just simplify into World Break? I found this LN quite interesting, I landed on this when looking alternative from AntiMagic while waiting the short story translated. Don't worry it won't make you bored since we just have two volume so far because the story is very amusing and you will still find those kind of cliche like harem of course who don't like become harem king? high tension battle to saving the world, and glad that on this story the MC is not the only male and what else than having an OP protagonist. Like having two past memories while the others just have one what kind of cheat you have MC-kun?

Recently with watching a lot anime and read a lot manga and light novel, I somehow curious about why Japanese people so crazy with little sister or underaged girl with of course petite body and flat chest? For example even on this LN the MC-kun have proclaimed little sister that falling in love with him, there is elementary girl that have interest on the MC-kun too. Aside from this LN how many anime or manga that bring this cliche? For example like this anime season on Eromanga-Sensei (it's not like I hate this series. I like it especially the comedy is pretty good and the story itself light and fun but, to sell more about little girl is just to much I think). 

I mean come on can you see the charm from mature, intelligent and beauty Onee-san? Or, couldn't you see the alluring of curve and big boobs office lady with tight suit and mini-skirts? Or about how mature and how she is ready to spoil you from newly married young wife? I We need more mature and charming heroine...


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swhp / 19 May 2017 14:01
Ok, Ignore my rambling about my preference woman.
I-It's not like I have crush on that beauty Onee-san on the next door, or that beauty and charming office lady on my office B-Bakaa!
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arefin0991 / 23 May 2017 6:26
I had the first volume‚Äč volume for ages but couldn't find anymore.Thanks and I hope we'll get a few more on the near future.
Tensei genre is killing my soul!

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