Risou 5

Hello all.

France speaking, and here as you MAY know we're electing our new president today ; like my girlfriend is literally stressing, buying alcohol to drown herself to forget or to celebrate depending on the result. On my side, I'm following unallowed polls in France to keep me busy.

But who care about a president if you have a King ? No... a QUEEN !

Long live the queen !

(Also please go support our kind translator, the most fervent follower of the queen)


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God Ginrai / 8 May 2017 4:04
Life Signs!~  Armaell still lives, everyone!
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Tks / 8 May 2017 5:47
Thanks so much for this ! 
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none / 9 May 2017 11:51
Riajuu should just explode.

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