My Girlfriend is a Zombie - Chapters 30-58

Yo, MatKrulli here, back from the (almost) dead!

It's been some time, and a lot of people were asking me for this one, so here it is. As always, good read, and it's nice to see things keep getting more interesting as the story progresses, the pace doesn't slow down at all.

Unfortunately, I didn't really read all those chapters this time(I'm on 49, I think), so I probably didn't stop this book on a nice cliffhanger spot like last time, instead preferring to stop on the last chapter NoodleTown translated(which just so happens to leave this book with roughly the same amount of chapters as the last one, so that's good at least!

This series is still being translated by someone else, so I'll probably check it out again in some time, but for now this should be enough to sate your hunger for zombie girlfriends XD

Well, that's it. MatKrulli out!


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