Agent of the Realm

And here Armaell save the day ! Right in time even though nobody expected it (anymore?) !

Well, I have to admit I didn't even had yet to finish read it. Still from what I've read (and remember), it's Andur so it's safe (safe in term of quality, not content) : Action, crazy comedy, -15 maybe -18, true power-fest with an overpowered MC and his family that all purely incarnate the genres in themselves.
The whole Court of Souls is a good refresh on Andur's serie ; Court of Souls throw directly our MCs at god level, and in the same time put them at their weakest ever. Agent of the Realm also offer a change of character really appreciable.


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Weiss / 16 May 2017 14:27
is this a Chinese light novel or Japanese? just wondering, how's life yo. enjoying it? since many admin here currently busy with RL. well thank you for the new novel. best of luck

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