Mushoku Tensei 15 now with illustrations !

Hey, it's Armaell ! Surprise ! Long time no see ^^"

Alright, I was totally under the radar for a looot of things. I've yet to check my mails since my phone stopped to fetch them (no idea why. It ended by resuming fetching my personal inbox, but never the website's one). So I know I may have over 9000's...

For now I'll try to still resuming some activity on my side (and read mails). Enjoy this one.


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Asura / 30 Apr 2017 12:29
Can i request something then! Make the rest of Mushoku Tensei volumes all with illustrations please! That should be something small on the side when you got time for it ;P
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Armaell / 4 May 2017 9:44
The Light Novels are still being released in Japan. I can't add illustrations that doesn't exists yet. (unless you want me to draw them... which would be a bad idea)
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Tks / 7 May 2017 8:59
It really has been long, glad to see you back. May i request for risou no himo vol 5 epub at the meantime if you have some spare time on your hand? Thanks. 

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