Arifureta and Smartphone are licensed now

j-novel-Club licensed Arifureta and With A Smartphone in Another World, later one is already gone and as soon Armaell comes online Arifureta will follow.

It was a fun read and it was my first epub I made, I hope everyone enjoyed the wild ride of the stories and if you want to read any further in future you need to buy access at J-Novel-Club. It was my most successfull epub and now its gone, while I have a lot to come the next weeks I dont know if I´ll ever reach these download numbers again



Aturfhee / 18 Feb 2017 15:43
Yeah, it was about time that they want to make more money out of it. Well, no complaints here as I've been reading it for free, and thanks for turning it into an epub for an easy read for us novel lovers!
Irina_Akashira / 19 Feb 2017 9:07
You don'y need to worry

The versions posted here are the web novels, not he light novels
The licensing don't affect them, at last officially

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