Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia’s Case Files

Woah just checked the news and see Arifureta it's licensed. Well, sure it's a good thing because now we can support the Author, right? Of course is a bad news for a leecher like me. Anyway, following this bad good news I also want to participate to announce that I made an epub for Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia from Nanodesu.

I don't know how many of you like this series, after all is talked more about old Japanese or West literature such as Genji Monogatari, No Longer Human, etc. I really enjoyed when reading Biblia and I hope this will happen to you that looking for an slice of life and mystery stories with adult and more mature character.

Also I need to point that for Biblia Volume 1 it's actually collaborate between Hellping and Nanodesu but sadly the chapter 4 is still unedited by Nanodesu Team. This is happen in Volume 1 which is I don't know if this volume really have a minimal illustrations or it will be released in pdf and epub that officially made by Nanodesu. Eh you asking me why I made this and not waiting for the pdf and epub from nanodesu? Because there is a good news regarding this LN, which is it's get an anime and live action adaptations, here the news. Therefore, you know something bad can happen when a good and popular LN got anime adaptation, right? I want to spread more happiness to all of you, enjoy.


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Nephery / 19 Feb 2017 4:53
Heh, way to save us from doom and gloom today (3 series removals). XD
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swhp / 19 Feb 2017 6:02
Let's also pray that this one won't be remove from Armaell too xD

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