Tsukumodo Antique Shop

Happy New Year Everyone.
Heck I know how late I'm to said this, but better than not right? Actually planned to post something during the new year, but my plan was ruined mostly because how lazy I'am.

First I want give my gratitude towards this Armaell team and the community because I never expected to join this big and still growing community. It's feel like just yesterday that I joined into Armaell Library, and now we have arrived at 2017, and of course I feel like have been level up, I learn a lot in here about how to make a better and good ePub. It's thanks to everyone at staff that always have discussion about how to make a good ePub so I learned a lot from them.

I want to tell you that this ePub have different style with my previous work, still it's just a minor change. Yes, I planned to re-made my old ePub because due to my perfectionist syndrome I want to make sure my work is at the best quality, since we all know that Armaell Library is place of a high quality ePub right? Even though we also host a web novel right now. Just for the info some ePub that already done re-made was Omae wo OnichanManuscript, and Tabi ne Deyou.

Next, let's talk about why I pick Tsukomodo Antique Shop. Maybe this is a bias, but for me this LN was great. The plot-twist, foreshadowing, and even there is a sweet romance from this LN. I never expected the Author never make a waste side-character or a small event, because somehow in next chapter or in next volume it still mentioned or even make the stories getting interesting. To be honest, I never can't wait to keep reading this LN and want to see how is the ending.

Another good news is, Erebea from Nanodesu was pick up this LN to be translated again from volume 5. Yey, I mean EustEnoph is a superb, and if someone want to take over this LN I believe Nanodesu is the best. You can expecting a high translation quality from them. So, let's wish we can see the ending from this LN.

And here it is, I present you Tsukomodo Antique Shop Light Novel.



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