I'm back

Hey guys, it's me. Orsted. During the past month (December) where I haven't been able to release any new chapters is because I got really, really sick to the point where I made a Last Will and Testament. But that's over and the surgery was successful. I got discharged from the hospital a week ago and was just recently allowed to touch a computer again. I will continue releasing chapters in a while, since I have to catch up in school and exams are coming.

exams are shit.

And remember kids, stay in school!

This has been a friendly reminder from your DragonGod,



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swhp / 7 Jan 2017 13:41
Welcome back, and hope your recovery from surgery won't took to long so you can bring more chapter to us
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Shroompat / 7 Jan 2017 19:01
 Welcome back & thanks for your hard work! 
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Xxx / 9 Jan 2017 11:07
Welcome back!

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